Cost & Registration

Eligibility & Requirements

Attendance is restricted to organizations representing the recruiting needs of the participating organization. Promotion of products and/or services for any other purpose is not permitted.

Please note these KEY DATES for the Fall 2024 event:

  • September 25 @ 10am - 3pm (ET): In-Person TechFair - Day 1
  • September 26 @ 10am - 3pm (ET): In-Person TechFair - Day 2





Packages & Fees

Cost: $950 per company

  • Booth includes 4’x6’ table with tablecloth + 2 chairs
  • Company name promoted as part of attending companies on McGill TechFair website and Faculty's social media platforms
  • Company logo on TechFair website, social media, promotional posters, A/V screens/ bulletin boards*


*Logo will only be included in promo if company completes registration by August 15, 2024

Cancellation Policy

A full refund of all fees will be authorized as long as the cancellation request is received (by email) by September 6, 2024.  No refund will be issued for cancellation requests that are made after the registration deadline.



Employer pre-registration webform





►STEP 2: Credit Card Payment

In order to complete the registration, and process the payment for your participation, a link to access our Online Credit Card Payment System will be sent to you shortly after we receive your completed pre-registration webform (credit card payment only).


►STEP 3: Event logistics

Once your payment is received, we will confirm more logistics details about the in-person event.


TechFair Terms and Conditions

Upon registration, the corporation or organization ("The Organization") and McGill University Technology Career Fair Committee ("The Committee") agree to the following:

  1. Upon registration completion, the Organization assumes all costs as outlined in the registration package and on the invoice. In case of any discrepancy between the invoice and the prices advertised, the advertised price prevails.
  2. The Organization agrees to provide and complete all necessary and applicable fields within the STEP ONE: Pre-Registration Webform. Once this webform is completed, the Organization will receive instructions for STEP TWO: Registration Fees Payment to be received by email.
  3. The Organization will receive a STEP TWO: Registration Fees Payment email with instructions on how to pay the required registration fees. The Organization agrees to pay the registration fee amount in full, within the deadline date indicated on the email. Failure to complete payment by the indicated deadline date will render the Organization’s preliminary registration null and void.
  4. Cancellation Policy: A full refund of all fees will be authorized as long as the cancellation request is received via email to careers4engineers [at] by September 6, 2024.
  5. The Organization agrees that all logistical procedures (including location, price and hours of the event) are entirely at the discretion of the Committee.
  6. Should the event be cancelled by the members of the Committee, the amount paid by the Organization for the registration will be reimbursed in full using the same method of payment.
  7. *Photography Disclaimer* Please note that Techfair representatives may by taking photos or videos during the event for the purposes of promoting Techfair. By registering for this event, you consent to this recording media, as well as its release, publication, exhibition or reproduction. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at  careers4engineers [at]
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