Career Leadership Program (CLP)

Career Leadership Program (CLP)

Want to develop leadership, communication, public speaking and interpersonal skills? Looking for a meaningful and challenging volunteer opportunity? Excited about the possibility of connecting with various students, staff and faculty across the university?

If so you should join CLP for the upcoming academic year!

CLP is designed to provide positive and professional career-related assistance to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as raise awareness of the services offered by CaPS.


The Role of the Career Leaders

Career Leaders are a vital link between all McGill students and CaPS. They are involved in various activities such as - CV review sessions, workshop development and facilitation, as well as outreach & liaising with various student groups, departments and faculties across campus. Career Leaders volunteer approximately 11 hours per month. The service hours are tracked through myInvolvement and the volunteer experience appears on the Co-Curricular Record.

Meet Our Career Leaders

CLP - Debby Debby

I am a PhD student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN), and my research focuses on neuronal synchronization. Outside of the lab, I volunteer with the McGill Career Planning Services (CaPS) – since 2012 – and with BrainReach North, which aims to develop online science education resources for teachers and students in remote areas to enrich their knowledge in cutting-edge neuroscience. What keeps me coming back to the McGill CaPS year after year is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere where I am encouraged to grow, explore, and develop new skills outside of my academic studies. For the new year ahead, in addition to publishing more research papers, I hope I will be able to add Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal concerts and Opéra de Montréal shows into my calendar to add arts and music into my life. Having completed my undergraduate studies also at McGill, my biggest advice to students is to design a balanced course load so that you can have good grades while enjoying your university life.

CLP - Misha


I am a third-year Software Engineering student and a returning Career Leader at CaPS. I spent my summer juggling three jobs on campus, while simultaneously trying to enjoy and rejuvenate. My personality is split between a techy side, and a side deeply interested in understanding the intricacy of the social world we live in. I love to write, mostly about social issues, personal reflections, mental health, and university life, and hope to one day find the courage to start a blog.

Returning as a Career Leader was a no-brainer for me, because I realized just how applicable the skills I learned are in the work-place setting. As a Career Leader, I reviewed CVs for my peers, while at the same time, honed my interpersonal and leadership skills. Plus, having a weekly access to CaPS gave me valuable insight about the professional world. As a student juggling a personal, academic, work life, I have learned the importance of setting short-term goals for myself that are challenging yet realistic. My goal for this year is mainly to explore different fields within engineering and start thinking about my long-term career aspirations. I hope to be remembered as someone who takes initiative and responsibility, and as someone who invests time and energy in people, to help them heal, grow and thrive.

CLP - Lina Lina

Hello! My name is Lina Jae, and I am in the Master of Science in Public Health. I also studied science at McGill for my undergraduate degree. So, technically I am also a "McGill" expert. I love watching movies during my free time, and I destress by walking mindlessly with my music. One interesting fact about me is that I love everything "lemon" - lemon candies, lemon bars, lemon lotion, lemon perfume and so on. One of the things I regret when I look back on my undergraduate years is that I didn't fully utilize the resources and services provided by the school. There are a lot more happening on campus than you might think, and I hope to help the students find them. If I had to give one advice to a new student, I would say, "enjoy, and experience."

CLP - Umang Umang

Hi! My name is Umang and I am in my last year at McGill! I am majoring in Psychology and double-minoring in Biology and Environment. The reason why I chose Psychology as my field of study was because I am very interested in human behaviour and the role the mind plays in altering this behaviour. About myself? I was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan, I am very passionate about music and I find myself jamming to music hours on end, I currently speak 3 languages and am in the process of learning French! (Mais je peux parler un peu). I was part of the Career Leadership Programme at CAPs during the 2017-2018 school year and the reason why I am returning this year is because I found that I learned a lot from this experience. As an advisor, there is a fair amount of responsibility that rests on your shoulder so being a Clipper acts as a good middle ground between a work-place environment and university life. The atmosphere at CaPS is very pleasant and welcoming and in general, meeting with students and helping them has been a rewarding and validating experience!

CLP - Bibi Bibi

Coming soon

CLP - Urbbi Urbbi

I am a second year Masters student in Electrical Engineering and currently, I am writing my thesis on the optimal scheduling of power generation. A voracious reader, my current project is to read one book per week. On weekends, one can find me peering into trading charts and talking to my friends about the parallels between the ups and downs of a financial market and the vicissitudes of life. Besides academics, I volunteer as a Buddy for ISS and as a Career leader at CaPS. From interacting with students during the various outreach events to attending training sessions on CV writing and LinkedIn workshops, my first year as a Career Leader was extremely enriching and educational. It helped me develop important interpersonal and leadership skills which would be highly beneficial in my career. Being a career leader also opened my eyes to the vast resources available to us as McGillians, which most of us do not know about. As a Career leader, I want to create more awareness about these facilities and help the students navigate through their school life a bit more easily.

Benefits of Being a Career Leader

There are several benefits in becoming a Career Leader. You can:

  • Develop/hone your leadership, organization, communication, interpersonal, public speaking, decision making and creativity skills
  • Make valuable connections across campus
  • Learn everything you need to know about career exploration and job search
  • Be personally connected to a team of experts
  • Learn about the world of work
  • Network and be on the cutting edge of the job search
  • Impress employers with your expert knowledge and experience

How to Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering for CaPS, please contact:

Melanie Walkty
Tel: 514-398-3304 x 8581
Email: melanie.walkty [at]