Co-Curricular Paths

Co-Curricular Paths is a new module for the myInvolvement platform that allows students and program administrators to track students' progress towards completing multi-opportunity learning programs outside the classroom, such as leadership or skill development.

For more information about Co-Curricular Paths, or if you are a McGill administrator or student leader interested in learning more about this module, please contact us.

View Your Progress!

The Paths page on myInvolvement allows you to view your progress in all co-curricular Paths in which you are enrolled. You can also view program details, find upcoming options for fulfilling Path items, and print a Progress Report.

To get to your Paths page:

  1. Sign in to myInvolvement
  2. Select the circle with the 1st initial of your name or your profile photo (if you’ve uploaded one) found in the upper-right corner of the window.
  3. Choose “Paths” from the slide-out menu.
  4. Choose the name of the Path from the drop-down menu.

For more information about navigating myInvolvement, you can view our help documentation!

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