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Destination Survey

2011 Destination Survey Results

Over 2300 recent undergraduate alumni, the majority of whom graduated in 2010, were invited via email to complete an anonymous online survey, available in both English and French, from mid-May through end of June 2011. The purpose of the Destination Survey is to gain a better understanding of:

  • What recent McGill graduates are doing up to one year after graduation
  • Their student experience at McGill
  • Their experience with CaPS
  • The job search strategies they used

The overall survey response rate was 15% or 362 responses. The majority of respondents were female alumni (70%), between 20 to 25 years old (94%), living in Canada (67%) and from the largest faculties, Arts (41%) and Science (34%). Alumni from the faculties of Engineering, Law, Management, Medicine and Dentistry were not included as separate surveys are conducted by their respective faculties.

To view the results of the survey, see Destination Survey Results 2011

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