Women in Academia (Panel)


Brown Student Services Room 5001, 3600 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0G3, CA


When do you plan to start a family? How old are your kids? Are you married? This panel focuses on what interviewers can and can't ask  when you are on the job market, and offers suggestions on how to respond if interviewers ask an illegal question. Further, this panel will explore what you can ask potential employers when offered a position. How can women (and men) successfully self-advocate when negotiating their job offer, and tactfully deal with issues such as spousal hires and child care? Join fellow graduate students, alongside special guests Prof. Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, Dean Ellen Aitken, and Prof. Annmarie Adams to discuss sensitive issues in academic hiring over morning coffee/tea. While focusing on issues that deal directly with women in academia, this panel is open to anyone (male and female) who plans to apply for both academic and non-academic jobs and are interested in gender equality.


Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur, Assistant Professor, McGill University, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur received the B. Eng. degree in electrical engineering from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 1999, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Columbia University (New York, USA) in 2004 and 2007, respectively. Her doctoral research work focused on the physical layer of optical interconnection networks for high performance computing. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked three years in industry from 1999 to 2002, for Teradyne in Boston as an applications engineer (1999-2000) and for Texas Instruments as a test engineer (2000-2002). During her Ph.D., she spent four months in 2006 as an intern at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY working on optical chip-to-chip interconnection. In 2007, Dr. Liboiron-Ladouceur received a post-doctoral fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. She is currently an assistant professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering at McGill University and is a Canada Research Chair in photonic interconnects. She is the author or coauthor of over 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and co-inventor of one provisional patents and three pending patents.

Ellen Aitken, Dean, McGill University, Faculty of Religious Studies

Professor Ellen Aitken is Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies. She has been a member of the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill since 2004, teaching in the area of Early Christian History and Literature.  Prior to coming to McGill, she was on the faculty of The Divinity School, Harvard University. She holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of the South, with training in Folklore and Mythology, the Classics, and Religious Studies. Her current research, funded by SSHRC, investigates the relationship between Greco-Roman hero cult and ancient Christianity.  At McGill, Professor Aitken has served on numerous committees, including chairing the B.Th. Committee in the Faculty of Religious Studies and as a member of search committees for the Classics Program. She is a member of McGill's Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) and an honorary faculty member of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College. She was ordained in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in 1986 and has been recognized widely as a leader in both scholarly and ecclesial communities. She has also received two awards for teaching excellence. For more information, go to http://people.mcgill.ca/ellen.aitken/ 

Annmarie Adams, Director and William C. Macdonald Professor, McGill University, School of Architecture

Dr. Annmarie Adams is Director and William C. Macdonald Professor at the School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal. She is the author of Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses, and Women, 1870-1900 (McGill-Queens University Press, 1996), Medicine by Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital, 1893-1943 (University of Minnesota Press, 2008) and co-author of Designing Women: Gender and the Architectural Profession (University of Toronto Press, 2000). Her research has garnered numerous awards, including the Jason Hannah Medal from the Royal Society of Canada, a CIHR Health Career Award, and a YWCA Woman of Distinction prize.  Adams is Chair of the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture and a board member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.