Music Building (New) Room A-832/833, 527 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1E3, CA

Hosted by English-Language Arts Network (ELAN), McGill’s Career Planning Service (CaPS) and the Schulich School of Music

Join us for an evening of lively networking over wine and cheese. Come meet fellow music students and working professionals, see what creative projects they are working on, and maybe even win tickets or CDs at the Minute Market. Let’s raise a glass to the musicians of McGill University and ELAN Quebec!

Want to promote your work? The first ten ELAN members or McGill students to contact admin [at] quebec-elan.org will be given a one-minute spot to market their latest work. This is a particularly great chance for all you music folk to plug your projects! (You'll also be asked to provide a door prize related to the project for our audience giveaway).

ELAN memberships are pay-what-you-can!
To become an ELAN Member: https://www.quebec-elan.org/membership

RSVP to the event by emailing admin [at] quebec-elan.org