The Beast of Beauty: Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics

Breast Cancer Action Montreal (BCAM)

Is the Makeup of Your Makeup Safe for You?



On Saturday, May 15, 2010, the Cancer Prevention Centre held a free English presentation for the general public at the Concordia University MB Building in collaboration with Breast Cancer Action Montreal (BCAM). The title of the presentation was "The Beast of Beauty: Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics". The purpose of the presentation was to increase recognition of our cancer prevention awareness campaign, to educate the general public of the cancer-related risks of long-term usage of certain cosmetic products, and to lobby the government to strengthen cosmetic ingredient regulations to ensure that toxic chemicals are eliminated or tightly restricted.

The message is not to stop wearing makeup. Rather, cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and government regulators owe it to us to make sure that cosmetics never expose us to harm, even if only a little bit and at a really low dose, because we may use these products over and over again for years.  We need to impress upon these manufacturers that looking good on the outside of our bodies also means knowing that we are not harming the inside.
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