General Information about the Hereditary Gynaecologic Surveillance Clinic

Introduction to the Hereditary Gynaecologic Surveillance Clinic:

The Hereditary Gynaecologic Surveillance Clinic was established in 2003. The clinic is a service that is offered to women who have a genetic mutation that is linked to a higher risk for developing gynaecological cancers. The clinic offers state of the art prevention methods to make sure that these patients are provided with proper screening methods, follow up appointments with the relevant medical services, and more educational resources to help them make the best decisions about their health. These patients will be also be given the opportunity to participate in international research studies that will be available to them.


The objective of the Hereditary Gynaecologic Surveillance Clinic is to promote prevention and make best detection services available to women who have been identified as being at a higher risk for developing gynaecologic cancers. The focus of the clinic is to offer long-term medical and emotional support to these women.

Staff members:

Dr. Jaclyn Lauren Madar, MD, Gynaecologist
Laura Hayes, Clinical Care Coordinator
Nora Wong, MS, CCGC, Genetic Counsellor


The Hereditary Gynaecologic Surveillance Clinic has contributed to the field of cancer prevention through addressing the needs of women at a higher risk and informing them of the most current options available in lowering it. In addition, the approach of the clinic is forward-thinking, as arrangements for additional screening tests are continuously made for these women. Finally, and most importantly, the clinic has proven effective at the early detection of cancers.

Contact information for general information about the clinic:

Laura Hayes
Clinical Care Coordinator
Division of Cancer Prevention, Department of Oncology
Tel.: (514) 340-8222 extension 23910  Fax: (514) 340-8600

Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road
Room E-740
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3T 1E2

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