Pick Your Path, Undergraduate

Pick Your Path, Undergraduate (PYP-U) is a three-module, online and in-person paid learning experience designed to provide academic support and career guidance to Indigenous undergraduate students at McGill, with the aim to equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to map their future trajectory with confidence and success. The program offers participants a unique opportunity to take part in a series of seminars facilitated by professors, graduate students, and professionals on exploring graduate school and career opportunities that are relevant to them, bringing potential educational and career paths into focus. Students are also offered a range of social and cultural activities throughout the program that enhance their experience and allow them to connect with peers and build community on campus. 

Our unique approach  

Traditional Indigenous learning concepts will be incorporated into the program. "Kiskinaumatowin," or "teaching each other," is a learning technique proposed by Linda and Keith Goulet which draws on Nēhiyaw (Cree) concepts. It reduces the western hierarchical teacher-student learning environment in favour of a more equitable environment that encourages shared knowledge transfer. Students will also benefit from a small cohort — allowing for a more intimate, personalized learning experience. 

Enhance your studies with Pick Your Path, Undergraduate! 

Applications for the 2023-2024 are closed.

Fast Facts

  • The program is currently offered to Indigenous McGill undergraduate students.

  • The program runs through October and November, pausing throughout the month of December, and resuming in January, to conclude in Febuary.  

  • Each student will be compensated $1,250 for their participation in the program. 

Explore the modules:

Academic pathways

The first module is geared toward supporting students as they explore pathways to graduate school — including whether graduate school is the right choice for them, how to apply to graduate programs, and what these programs might entail. Throughout this module, you will have the opportunity to engage in personalized guidance and mentoring, helping you identify academic and career goals and align them with suitable graduate programs. You will also gain valuable insights into the admission requirements, application strategies, and resources available to them. By the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of the benefits of graduate education and be well-equipped to make informed decisions about your future academic pursuits.

Professional pathways

As one of Canada’s leading Universities, McGill places heavy emphasis on academic skills and cutting-edge research. However, with three times as many students at the bachelor’s level as graduates, many do not continue in academia post-graduation. So, how do you transition from midnight cramming to a 9-to-5? What should you do now? The PYP-U Professional pathways module is aimed at supplementing your studies with necessary professional skills and experiences. The objective is to ultimately give you nonacademic skills to achieve your career goals and thrive in any industry. Students will benefit from attending focused career-oriented workshops and experiential learning opportunities.

Career management

Up to this point, you will have been exposed to a range of content and experiences that have helped you explore academic and professional pathways. The final PYP-U module is an opportunity to reflect on what you've learned and the skills you’ve acquired. This module brings together the various components of career management, including how to build one’s personal brand, achieve your career goals, upskill, and maintain a work-life balance. This module highlights key takeaways from the program and reinforces the skills, experience, and unique qualities each student possesses to navigate their career path with confidence.

To encourage guided reflection, you will work on an individual project throughout the program to answer the guiding question, “What are my next steps in my educational and professional path?” These projects will be presented at the end of the session.  

Spend your summer conducting research with IMPRESS! 

PYP-U is designed as a complementary program to the Branches IMPRESS program — for former IMPRESS participants, PYP-U will be the next step in their academic undergraduate trajectory. For non-IMPRESS alumni, the program will be equally as valuable, serving as a series of professional development seminars that support Indigenous undergrads as they think about the road ahead. PYP-U can also act as a pipeline into IMPRESS. 

McGill University is on land that long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst
Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. We acknowledge
and thank the diverse Indigenous people whose footsteps have marked this territory on which
peoples of the world now gather.
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