Current PhD students

Meltem Al

Meltem smiling black background

BArch, Middle East Technical University (2010); MArch, Middle East Technical University (2013); MA in Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles (2015)

Research interests and specializations:

  • neoliberal urbanism
  • urban politics
  • urban renewal
  • housing
  • fundamentalism in cities
  • urban social movements
  • architecture and social agency
  • right to the city


Thesis title: “Spaces of Capital, Religion, and Ideology: Fundamentalist Housing Enclaves in Istanbul”


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Email: [at]

Christopher Clarke

dressy attire, upper body shot looking straight at camera, slight smile

Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: christopher.clarke2 [at]

Zoë Cope

BS, Architecture (The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2015); M.Arch (The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2017)


Research interests and specializations :

  • Architectural Treatise Books
  • Early Modern Art/Architectural History
  • History of Science and Medicine
  • History and Theory of the Body
  • Classical Reception in the Renaissance


Thesis title: Excavating Polia: Architecture and the female body in the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (1499)


Supervisors: Annmarie Adams

Email : zoe.cope [at]

Arièle Dionne-Krosnick

student smiling white background with hanging frames

BFA Art History and Studio Arts, Concordia University (2012); MA Visual and Critical Studies, SAIC (2014)


Research interests and specializations:

  • American Architecture
  • Critical race studies
  • Visual culture
  • Civil protest and the built environment


Thesis title: Swimming Pools, Civil Rights, and the American City in the 1960s


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Emailariele.dionne-krosnick [at]

Remy Fortin

B. Sc (Arch.) Université de Montréal (2017); MArch, McGill University (2020)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Passive thermoregulation and ventilation
  • Biogenic and regenerative materials
  • Material efficiency
  • Materials design
  • Adaptive comfort and thermal resilience


Thesis title: Sub-ambient passive cooling inside naturally ventilated buildings made from bio-based materials


Supervisor: Salmaan Craig

Email: remy.fortin [at]

Kimberly Gultia

white background, Kim in a black top with an open smile, coloured rimmed glasses, long hair to one side

BSArch, University of San Carlos (2003); BFA, University of San Carlos (2007); MArch, University of San Carlos (2015)

Research interests and specializations:

  • colonial and postcolonial cultural landscapes
  • vernacular architecture
  • domestic architecture and domesticity
  • gender, sexuality, and space
  • media, representation, and identity
  • material culture


Thesis title: “The Mestiza and the Morena: The Social Construction of the Filipina and Postcolonial Domestic Architecture in the Philippines (1946-1986)”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: kimberly.gultia [at]

Anna Halepaska

Supervisor: Salmaan Craig

Email: anna.halepaska [at]

Fiona Kenney

Fiona Kenney PhD student smiling below a red brick wall

BA , Ryerson University (2018); MDes History and Philosophy of Design, Harvard University (2020)


Research Interests and Specializations:

  • end-of-life architecture; death studies
  • care, relationality, and care ethics
  • medical architecture
  • feminist theory
  • moral philosophy


Thesis title (provisional): Architecture as/of Care: Spatial Interpretations of Palliative Philosophies, 1967-2000


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Emailfiona.kenney [at]

Destiny Kirumira

Brown skinned smiling white top on white background

BA Mathematics & Physics, University of Alberta (2018); MArch, University of Calgary (2021)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Black Canadian architecture
  • Black diasporic studies
  • colonial and postcolonial cultural landscapes
  • vernacular architecture
  • domestic architecture and domesticity


Thesis title: Rebuilding the Black Home: The Architecture of Black Settlements in Canada (1780-1930)


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Emaildestiny.kirumira [at]

Maxime Leblanc

Max Leblanc, PhD student smiling crossed arms in front of a white background

B.Sc.(Arch.) Université de Montréal (2018); M.Arch. McGill University (2020)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Architectures of Simulation
  • Virtual Environments
  • History of Virtual Reality
  • History of Computing
  • Digital Media


Thesis title: "Architectures of Simulation: the Dome, the CAVE, and the Headset"


Supervisor: Theodora Vardouli

Email: max.leblanc [at]

Christos Montsenigos

MArch, National Technical University of Athens (2017), MSc, National Technical University of Athens (2021)


Research interests and specialization:

  • Histories and Theories of Landscape Design – The English Landscape Garden
  • Environmental Humanities
  • Eighteenth-century Studies
  • The British Empire and Histories of Conservation


Thesis title (provisional): On Frailty and Growth: Climate, Narrative, and Garden Design, 1750-1850


Supervisor: Martin Bressani

Email:christos.montsenigos [at] ( )christos.montsenigos [at]

Laura Josephine O’Brien

smiling student arms crossed leather black jacket on white blouse cobbled stone path with red fence to the right with hanging baskets and light bulbs

BFA (Art History, minor in English Literature), Concordia University (2014); MA (Art History), Concordia University (2016)


Research interests and specializations:

  • gender, sexuality and space
  • nineteenth-century urbanism
  • spatial and feminist theory
  • human geography
  • feminist material culture

Thesis title: “Reading Architectural Evidence through the Montreal WCTU Sheltering Home Register”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: laura.obrien [at]

Peter Osborne 

Student smiling at Camera. Behind him is a black backdrop.

BCom, Queen’s University (2008); MArch, University of Toronto (2014); MDes Energy & Environments, Harvard University (2019)


Research interests and specialization:

  • Construction ecology
  • Architecture & design theory
  • Ecological economics
  • Environmental assessment & development
  • Uneven social & ecological exchange


Thesis title: “Forest-Building: a new conceptual model for the integrated design of forests and building”


Supervisor: Michael Jemtrud

Email: peter.osborne [at]

Elissavet Pertigkiozoglou

Eliza, PhD student smiling against a white background

MArch, National Technical University of Athens (2016); MDes Technology, Harvard Graduate School of Design (2018)


Research interests and specialization:

  • History of Architectural Practice
  • History of Computing and Information Technologies
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Work Relationships, Labour, Collaboration


Thesis title: "Programmed Collaboration: Work Relationships in Software for Building Design, 1970-2010"


Supervisor: Theodora Vardouli

Emaileliza.pertigkiozoglou [at]

Brandon Poole

BFA, Visual Art, University of Victoria (2017); MVS, Studio, University of Toronto (2020)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Science and Technology Studies
  • History and Theory of Architecture
  • Media Theory
  • Corporate Architecture
  • History and Theory of Simulation


Thesis title: "Human-in-the-Loop: Architecture, Simulation, and the Image"


Supervisor: Theodora Vardouli

Email: brandon.poole [at]

Daniel Rondinel

Daniel looking sharp and smiling at camera. He wears a grey sweater and glasses.

B.Arch. Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima (2004); M.Arch. Cornell University (2011)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Urban metabolism & the city as a system 

  • Entropy in architecture and urban development.  

  • Thermodynamics within the city 

  • Sustainable design & ecology 

  • Social and environmental impacts of the built environment


Thesis title (provisional): An urban metabolism study from a thermodynamic perspective. 2050 low entropy cities.


Supervisor: Naomi Keena

Email: daniel.rondinel [at]

Ali Reza Shahbazin

Ali looking directly at us slightly smiling with a wooden arched background

BS in Arch, Qazvin Azad University, QIAU, Iran (2013); MArch, Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, USA (2018)


Research interests and specializations:

  • City Novels
  • Imaginary Cities
  • Architecture and Literature
  • Fictive Space
  • Middle Eastern Art and Architecture Studies
  • Narrative Architecture


Thesis title: “The Depiction of a ‘City’ as a ‘Protagonist’ in the Middle Eastern City Novels”


Supervisors: Alberto Pérez-Gómez/Sandeep Banerjee

Email: ali.shahbazin [at]

Cigdem Talu

Student smiling at Camera. Behind is a white backdrop.

B.Arch, Politecnico di Milano (2012); M.Arch (Professional), Politecnico di Milano (2015); M.Arch (Post-Professional, History and Theory of Architecture), McGill University (2016)


Research Interests and Specializations:

  • Nineteenth-century architecture and urban atmospheres in London
  • Gender, sexuality, and space
  • Late-Victorian women’s press and magazines
  • Public space and social agency


Thesis title: Women writers in the metropolis: Urban atmospheres in late-Victorian London


Supervisor: Martin Bressani

Email: merve.talu [at]

Beatriz Takahashi

Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Email: beatriz.takahashi [at]

Giacomo Valzania

Giacomo standing hands at his waist infront of a tree-lined road.

M.Arch, University of Bologna (2013); M.Arch. Post-prof. Urban Design and Housing, McGill University (2017)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Suburban landscapes
  • Collectivehousing
  • Urban space and right to the city
  • Immigration
  • Postmodernity


Thesis title: Of homes, domains, and boundaries : Immigration and the change of Toronto’s postwar suburbs since 1980.


Supervisor: Nik Luka

Email: giacomo.valzania [at]

Erica Vinson

Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: erica.vinson [at]

Katrin Zavgorodny-Freedman

Katrin smiling toward the camera

BA (Hons.) Art History, University of Toronto (2019), MA Art History, University of Toronto (2021)


Research interests and specializations:

  • West coast and Canadian architectural history
  • Collaborative and professional architectural networks
  • Art history


Thesis title: Building Pluralism: The Impact of Collaboration in Vancouver Architecture on Canadian Identity Building, 1963-1983


Supervisors: Annmarie Adams/David Theodore

Emailkatrin.zavgorodny-freedman [at]

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