Current Ph.D. students


Meltem Al

BArch, Middle East Technical University (2010); MArch, Middle East Technical University (2013); MA in Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles (2015)

Research interests and specializations:

  • neoliberal urbanism
  • urban politics
  • urban renewal
  • housing
  • fundamentalism in cities
  • urban social movements
  • architecture and social agency
  • right to the city


Thesis title: “Spaces of Capital, Religion, and Ideology: Fundamentalist Housing Enclaves in Istanbul”


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Email: [at]

Elijah Borrero

BA (Mathematics), SUNY Albany (2001); MArch (Professional), Parsons School of Design (2013); MArch (Post-Professional), McGill (2016)


Research interests and specializations:

  • architecture, planning and military production in 20thc
  • architectural historiography
  • disciplinary exchanges


Thesis title: “Cold War Architectures: US Military Construction Campaigns in West Germany, 1950-1957”


Supervisor: David Theodore

Email: elijah.borrero [at]

Elisabeth Bouchard

B. Sc. Arch., Université Laval (2003); M. Arch., Université de Montréal (2005); registered architect, O.A.Q. (2011)


Research interests and specializations:

  • arctic architecture
  • history of science in the nineteenth and twentieth-century
  • arcticality, nordicity and the representation of the north
  • performance in architecture


Thesis title: “Imagining Performance: The Architecture of Arctic Field Science”


Supervisor: Theodora Vardouli

Email: elisabeth.bouchard [at]

Brian W. Brush

B.A. Environmental Design, Montana State University (2005); M.Arch, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (2010); M.S. Urban Planning, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (2010)


Research interests and specializations:

  • digital design
  • digital fabrication
  • interactive architecture
  • media architecture
  • media facades
  • light
  • public space
  • public art
  • design theory
  • community-based design


Thesis title: “Towards a Critical Media Tectonic: A Holistic Case Study on the Theory and Practice of Media Architecture and Its Relationship to the Political Economy of Place”


Supervisor: Michael Jemtrud

Email: brian.brush [at]

Zoë Cope

BS, Architecture (The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2015); M.Arch(The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2017)


Research interests and specializations :


  • The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
  • Architecture & Narrative
  • Alternative Preservation Mechanisms
  • Atmospheres & Presence
  • ArchitectureHistory andTheory


Thesis title: Polia's Ghost: Unearthing theFemaleVoice of theHypnerotomachiaPoliphili


Supervisor: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Email : zoe.cope [at]

Youki Cropas

DEF Diploma (French Language and Cultural Studies), Université François-Rabelais de Tours, France (2000); B.E.D.S. (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies), Dalhousie University (2003); M.Arch I, Dalhousie University (2006); M.Arch II (History and Theory option), McGill University (2016)


Research interests and specializations:

  • institutions
  • social role of architecture
  • human geography
  • architecture and landscape
  • architectural experience and perception
  • critical reflections on architectural history and theory

Thesis title: “Institutional Intersections: Schools, Medicine, and Health, 1890-1920”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: youki.cropas [at]

Jaimie Cudmore


BA (Geography (Urban Systems) and International Development Studies), McGill University (2008); B.URP (Post-Baccalaureate), Ryerson University (2011); M.ARCH (Post-Professional, Urban Design and Housing), McGill University (2012)

Research interests and specializations:

  • Community-engaged learning, action research, and collaborative praxis
  • Design and planning pedagogy and professionalization
  • Spatial justice, Intersectionality, and queer theory
  • Third spaces, informality, and public space
  • Counter and insurgent uses, cultural landscapes, and actors
  • Civic literacy and co-design


Thesis title:Towards Transformative Praxis for Design and Planning”


Supervisor: Nik Luka

Email: jaimie.cudmore [at]

Maria Valentina Davila

Master Degree in Architecture, Los Andes University (2007); M.Arch (Construction), Madrid Polytechnic University (2009); Interior Architecture Post-Professional Master, Madrid Polytechnic University (2010); History and Theory of Architecture Post-Professional Master, McGill University (2014)

Research interests and specializations:

  • servants and service spaces throughout history
  • domesticity and the meaning of home
  • power and agency in Latin American architecture
  • Latin American housing policies
  • women’s influence in the informal housing system: barrios and favelas of Latin America
  • architecture, built environment and the construction of class identities in Latin America
  • social justice and space


Thesis title: “Women in the Home Front: Venezuelan Domestic Workers and the Appropriation of Architecture”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: valentina.davila [at]

Maria Patricia Farfan

BArch, Piloto de Colombia University (1999); MArch, McGill University (2003)

Research interests and specialization:

  • Nasa-Paéz indigenous community, architecture, territory, culture, landscape, spiritual belief, mythology, tradition
  • Andean mountain, defense, dwelling, sacred orchard, resilience


Thesis title: “Architecture and Tradition: Nasa Yat (Cosmo-Centered Dwelling) and the Tull (Sacred Orchard)”


Supervisor: Ricardo Castro

Email: maria.farfan_sopo [at]

Kimberly Gultia

BSArch, University of San Carlos (2003); BFA, University of San Carlos (2007); MArch, University of San Carlos (2015)

Research interests and specializations:

  • colonial and postcolonial cultural landscapes
  • vernacular architecture
  • domestic architecture and domesticity
  • gender, sexuality, and space
  • media, representation, and identity
  • material culture


Thesis title: “The Social Construction of the Modern Filipina and Postcolonial Domestic Architecture in the Philippines (1946-1986)”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: kimberly.gultia [at]

Aniel Guxholli

B.Sc. Arch (2009) and M.Arch (2012), Università Iuav di Venezia; Visiting student, Université de Montréal (2008), Université Catholique de Louvain - site Saint-Luc, Bruxelles (2010), Venice International University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences (2006-2009)


Research Interest and Specializations: 

  • 19th-century Belgium: architecture, urban design and letters 
  • Fin-de-siècle Europe
  • Art Nouveau in Brussels
  • 19th and 20th-century architectural historiography 
  • Atmospheres in architecture and urban milieux, design and literary representations


Thesis title: “Victor Horta’s hôtel Tassel winter-garden: A lineage under glass.”

Supervisor: Martin Bressani
Email: aniel.guxholli [at]

Utku Karakaya

B.Arch., METU (2011); M.Arch., METU (2014)


Research Interests and Specializations:

  • design activism and humanitarian architecture
  • horizontal practice models and socially-engaged architecture
  • user involvement and participation in architecture practice
  • spatial justice and urban space politics
  • post-colonial theory and urban space


Thesis title: “Organizing for Public Interest and Spatial Justice: An Ethnography of Socially Engaged Architecture in Turkey”


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Email: utku.karakaya [at]

Nathalie Kerschen


B. Arch, ENSA Paris-Malaquais (2008); M. Arch, ENSA Paris-Malaquais (2010); Post-Professional MA Architecture, McGill-University (2011); BA Philosophy, Paris-Sorbonne IV (2014)

Research interests and specializations:

  • phenomenology
  • contemporary art
  • nature
  • geometry
  • computation


Thesis title: “CTRL+Z: On the Question of Nature in Bio-inspired Design and the Work of Olafur Eliasson”

Nathalie is supported by the Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg (11273634).


Supervisor: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Email: nathalie.kerschen [at]

Sonya Kohut

B.E.D., University of Manitoba (2005); M.Arch., T.U. Delft (2009); M.Arch. (History and Theory), McGill University (2013)

Research interests and specializations:

  • renaissance architecture
  • Vitruvius
  • history of science
  • early modern magic
  • early modern materiality
  • architecture and literary imagination

Thesis topic: “An Immaterial Architecture: John Dee’s Mathematicall Praeface to Euclid”


Supervisor: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Email: sonya.kohut [at]

Ayca Koseoglu

BArch, Middle East Technical University (2009); MA (Architectural History), Middle East Technical University (2012)

Research interests and specializations:

  • politics of public space
  • urban movements
  • placemaking
  • architecture’s social significance
  • spatial justice


Thesis title: “Taking Place/Making Place: Civil Protest and Urban Design in Istanbul’s Beyazıt and Taksim Squares, 1960-2013”


Supervisor: Ipek Türeli

Email: ayca.koseoglu [at]

Yildiz Ipek Mehmetoglu

BArch, Middle East Technical University (2012); MA in Architectural History, Middle East Technical University (2014); Erasmus exchange, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville (2010-11)

Research interests and specializations:

  • gender and space
  • travel studies and architecture
  • art and architecture
  • transatlantic mobility
  • architectural modernisms

Thesis title: “Encounters of the Female Traveler: Gender, Architecture and Mobility in the Post-World War II”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: yildiz.mehmetoglu [at]

Magdalena Milosz

BAS (Honours), University of Waterloo (2009); GDip, Cognitive Science, University of Waterloo (2015); MArch, University of Waterloo (2015)

Research interests and specializations:

  • Canada
  • colonialism
  • indigenous-settler relations
  • postcolonial theory
  • architecture and literature


Thesis topic: “'They Have Decided What Houses Will be Built': Indigenous Peoples, Architecture, and the Canadian State, 1920-1970"


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: magdalena.milosz [at]

Gonzalo Muñoz

BArch, University of Chile (2004); MArch, University of Chile (2006); Post-Prof Master (History & Theory of Architecture), McGill University (2012)


Research interests and specializations:

  • architectural representation
  • nineteenth-century panoramas
  • visual culture
  • architectural publications (printed)
  • photography

Thesis title: “The World as a Panoramic Backdrop: Quebec's Cyclorama at the Turn of the 19th and the 20th Centuries”


Supervisor: Ricardo Castro

Email: gonzalo.munoz [at]

Laura Josephine O’Brien

BFA (Art History, minor in English Literature), Concordia University (2014); MA (Art History), Concordia University (2016)


Research interests and specializations:

  • gender, sexuality and space
  • nineteenth-century urbanism
  • spatial and feminist theory
  • human geography
  • feminist material culture

Thesis title: “Vice, Virtue and (In)Visibility: Single Women and the Architectural Network of the Montreal WCTU Shelter”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: laura.obrien [at]

Dijana Omeragikj Apostolski

B.Eng. (Arch), Saints Cyril and Methodius University(2009); MPhil, Saints Cyril and Methodius University(2014); MArch, McGill University (2016)

Research interests and specializations:

  • embodiment, architecture, and architectural theories
  • anatomy and architecture
  • aesthetics and phenomenology
  • architectural history and theory with a focus on the Cinquecento
  • Cinquecento fortifications, military architecture, and theories


Thesis title: “Metamorphosis through the Extended Body: Michelangelo’s Theories of Architecture”


Supervisor: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Email: dijana.omeragikjapostolski [at]

Véronique Proteau

B. Sc. Arch, Université Laval (2003); M. Arch, Université Laval (2005)


Research interests and specializations:

  • history, theory and contemporary practice of architecture
  • museum design
  • narrative and literary approaches to architecture
  • representation and communication in architecture


Thesis title: “Building Narratives: Storytelling through the Architecture of the Contemporary Museum”


Supervisor: Martin Bressani

Email: veronique.proteau [at]

Aaron Richmond

BA, University of King’s College (2002); MPHIL, University of Cambridge (2004); MFA, Maryland Institute College of Art (2014)


Research interests and specializations:

  • intersections in 20thcentury art and architecture
  • critical models in the psychology of space


Thesis title: “The Critical Reception of German Aesthetics within the French PeriodicalL’Esprit Nouveau, from 1920-1925.”


Supervisor: David Theodore

Email: aaron.richmond [at]

Ali Reza Shahbazin


BS in Arch, Qazvin Azad University, QIAU, Iran (2013); MArch, Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, USA (2018)

Research interests and specializations:

  • City Novels
  • Imaginary Cities
  • Architecture and Literature
  • Fictive Space
  • Middle Eastern Art and Architecture Studies
  • Narrative Architecture

Thesis title: “The Depiction of a ‘City’ as a ‘Protagonist’ in the Middle Eastern City Novels”


Supervisor: Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Email: ali.shahbazin [at]

Tanya Southcott

B.ES (Pre-professional Architecture), University of Waterloo (2003); M.Arch (Professional), University of Waterloo (2005); Professional Specialization Certificate (Heritage Conservation Planning), University of Victoria (2011); M.Arch (Post Professional), McGill University (2013)


Research interests and specializations:

  • architectural photography
  • demolition and urban renewal
  • gender and space
  • visual and material culture
  • heritage conservation


Thesis title: “Memory Makers: Women, Photography, and Demolition in Montreal, 1966-1975”


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: tanya.southcott [at]

Cigdem Talu



B.Arch, Politecnico di Milano (2012); M.Arch (Professional), Politecnico di Milano (2015); M.Arch (Post-Professional, History and Theory of Architecture), McGill University (2016)


Research Interests and Specializations:

  • Nineteenth-century architecture and urban atmospheres in London
  • Gender, sexuality, and space
  • Late-Victorian women’s press and magazines
  • Public space and social agency


Thesis title: The Flâneuse and the Metropolis: Urban Atmospheres in Late-Victorian Women’s Writing


Supervisor: Martin Bressani

Email: merve.talu [at]

Julia Tischer

B.Arch, Universidad del Valle (2004); M.Arch (Minimum Cost Housing), McGill University (2009)


Research interests and specializations:

  • gender, sexuality and space
  • cultural landscape studies and vernacular architecture
  • innovative architectural research methods
  • memory and space
  • spatial agency and public history
  • cultural geography


Thesis title: “Symbol, Shelter and Shack: Women’s Spaces in German Bunker Architecture (1940-1961)"


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: julia.tischer [at]

Alexandre Emmanuel Trudeau


BA (Honours Philosophy), McGill University (1997); MArch, McGill University (2017)


Research interests and specializations:

  • spatial justice and pathologies
  • outsider architecture and alternate domesticities
  • homeless studies
  • Canadian indigenous architecture
  • narrative frameworks


Thesis title: “The Architecture of Hidden Homes and Portable Domesticities among the Homeless in Metro Vancouver"


Supervisor: Annmarie Adams

Email: alexandre.trudeau [at]

Giacomo Valzania

M.Arch, University of Bologna (2013); M.Arch. Post-prof. Urban Design and Housing, McGill University (2017)


Research interests and specializations:

  • Suburban landscapes
  • Collectivehousing
  • Urban space and right to the city
  • Immigration
  • Postmodernity


Thesis title: Immigration and the change of suburbs in the postmodern metropolis


Supervisor: Nik Luka

Email: giacomo.valzania [at]

Dustin Valen

BEDS, Dalhousie University (2006); MArch, Dalhousie University (2009); MArch post-professional, University of Toronto (2013)


Research interests and specializations:

  • history and theory of architecture
  • colonial cultural landscapes (focus on Newfoundland)
  • nineteenth-century environmental architecture
  • modern architecture in Canada


Thesis title: “Maritime by Design: Modernity and the Social-Politics of Landscape in Newfoundland, 1855-1939”


Supervisor: Robert Mellin

Email: dustin.valen [at]

Benjamin Wareing

MArch, Victoria University of Wellington (2009); MArch (Post-professional), McGill University (2014)

Research interests and specializations:

  • energy and exuberance in architecture
  • aesthetic theory
  • ecological urbanism
  • agonistic pluralism
  • research creation


Thesis title: “Reframing Cultural Value in Sustainable Design”


Supervisor: Michael Jemtrud

Email: benjamin.wareing [at]