Ellen Corin

Professor Emerita

Joint appointment with the Department of Psychiatry
Ph.D University of Louvain, 1970

Corin, Ellen, Drcorell [at] douglas.mcgill.ca (Email)





Research Interests

Psychosis and Culture, Asceticism in India, Alternative and Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Services, Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Anthropology: a dialogue in tension.

Representative Publications

Journal Articles:

Year Title
2004 CORIN, E.- A la recherche d'une texture dans les recherches interculturelles sur la schizophrenie. L'Evolution Psychiatrique, 69,1.
1998 CORIN, E. - Le rapport a l'autre. Psychanalyse et anthropologie. In: S. Harel(Dir.), Resonances, Dialogues avec la psychanalyse. Montreal: Editions Liber :11-58
1990 CORIN, E. - Facts and Meaning in Psychiatry. An Anthropological Approach to the Lifeworld of Schizophrenics. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 14, 2: 153-188

Articles / Chapters in Books and Monographs:

Year Title
2004 CORIN, E., THARA, R. et PADMAVATI, R. - Living through a staggering world. The play of signifiers in early psychosis in South India. In : J.D Jenkins et R.J Barrett(Eds), Schizophrenia, culture and subjectivity: the Edge of Experience. New York: Cambridge University Press: 110-145.
1998 KIRMAYER,L. et CORIN, E. - Inside Knowledge: Cultural Construction of Insight in Psychosis. In: X.F Amador et A.S Davis(Eds), Insight and Psychosis. New York, Oxford University Press,. p 193-220(2nd revised edition in press)
1998 CORIN, E. - Refiguring the person: the dynamics of affects and symbols in an African spirit possession cult. IN : M. Lamberk et A. Strathern(Eds), Bodies and Persons. Comparative Perspectives from Africa and Melanesia. Cambridge(UK), Cambridge Univeristy Press: 80-102.




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