Donald Attwood

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D McGill University, 1974

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Research Interests

Political economy and ecology, household enterprises, micro-demography, cooperatives, cash cropping, irrigation, globalization, cash cropping, famines & food supply, human development, gender inequality, and family histories as indicators of social change, South Asia.

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India     India

Representative Publications


Year Title
1995 Finding the Middle Path: The Political Economy of Cooperation in Rural India, by B.S. Baviskar and D.W. Attwood. Boulder & London: Westview Press. (437 pages)
1992 Raising Cane: The Political Economy of Sugar in Western India. Boulder & London: Westview Press. (366 pages)
1988 City, Countryside and Society in Maharashtra, D.W. Attwood, M. Israel & N.K. Wagle, eds. Toronto: Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Toronto. (223 pages)
1988 Who Shares? Cooperatives and Rural Development, D.W. Attwood & B.S. Baviskar, eds. Delhi: Oxford University Press. (432 pages)
1988 Power and Poverty: Development and Development Projects in the Third World, D.W. Attwood, T.C. Bruneau & J.G. Galaty, eds. Boulder & London: Westview Press. (186 pages)

Peer-reviewed journal articles & book chapters:

Year Title
n.d. “Cooperatives Then and Now: The Sugar Industry in Western India” (co-authored with B.S. Baviskar) [in preparation].
2006* “Small is Deadly, Big is Wasteful: The Impact of Large-Scale Industrial Systems on Irrigation, Food Security, and Population in Western India,” in Amita Baviskar (ed.), Waterscapes: The Cultural Politics of a Natural Resource, pp. 11-39.  New Delhi: Permanent Black.
2005* “Big Is Ugly? How Large-Scale Institutions Prevent Famines in Western India,” World Development 33 (12): pp. 2067-2083.
1997* "The Invisible Peasant," in Economic Analysis Beyond the Local System, R. Blanton, T. Hall, P. Peregrine & D. Winslow, eds. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.
1992* "State vs. Local Control in Common Resource Management: A Comparative Analysis," Sociological Bulletin, 41(1):1-18.
1989* “Does Competition Help Cooperation?” Journal of Development Studies 26:5-27.
1987* "Why Do Some Cooperatives Work But Not Others?  A Comparative Analysis of Sugar Cooperatives in India" (co-authored with B.S. Baviskar). Economic and Political Weekly 22(26):A38-A56.
1987* "Irrigation and Imperialism:  The Causes and Consequences of a Shift from Subsistence to Cash Cropping," Journal of Development Studies 23:241-66.
1985* "Peasants versus Capitalists in the Indian Sugar Industry: Impact of the Irrigation Frontier," Journal of Asian Studies 45(1):59-80.
1984* "Capital and the Transformation of Agrarian Class Systems: Sugar Production in Western and Northern India," in Agrarian Power and Agricultural Productivity in South Asia, M. Desai, S. Rudolph and A. Rudra, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
1979* "Why Some of the Poor Get Richer: Economic Change and Mobility in Rural Western India." Current Anthropology 20 (1979): 495-516, 657-58 (with CA* comment).


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