Sara Sheibani

Sara Sheibani
Contact Information
Email address: 
sara.sheibani [at]
Affiliated Academic Member

Ph.D. (Royal Military College of Canada), M.Sc. (McGill), M.Sc. (Laval)

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Areas of interest: 

Cell and Molecular Biology, Nanomedicine, Probiotics, Chronic Wound Healing, Electron Microscopy

Current research: 

Dr Sheibani conducts collaborative research in diverse fields in nanomedicine through the application of analytical and characterization techniques in cell and molecular biology and electron microscopy, including (1) developing novel nanobiotechnology-based platforms for the treatment and prevention of life-threating conditions such as cardiomyopathy and neurodegenerative diseases, (2) investigating the effects of probiotics in oral health and treatment of gum disease, and (3) developing synthetic polymeric biomaterials and hydrogels for chronic wound healing.

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