Natalie Zeytuni

Natalie Zeytuni
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Contact Information
Email address: 
natalie.zeytuni [at]

3640 University, Room W315E
Strathcona Anatomy Dentistry Building


BSc (Ben-Gurion University), MSc (Ben-Gurion University), PhD (Ben-Gurion University)

Assistant Professor
Areas of interest: 

Membrane transporters, bacterial secretion systems, bacterial pathogenesis, cryo-electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, structure-function studies.

Current research: 

The Zeytuni lab studies bacterial secretions systems and membrane transportation. Bacterial secretion systems are essential membrane embedded protein machineries, enabling bacteria to obtain nutrients, communicate, protect against biological and chemical agents, as well as facilitate disease through the delivery of virulence factors.

The Zeytuni lab integrates structural biology techniques including cryo-EM and X-ray crystallography alongside with biochemical, biophysical and genetic approaches to determine the structure and decipher the molecular mechanisms of these fascinating transport machineries.


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