Jean-Francois Cote

Jean-Francois Cote
Contact Information

Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM)
Laboratory of Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Cell Migrations
110 avenue des Pins Ouest
Montreal (Qc) H2W 1R7

Email address: 
jean-francois.cote [at]
Areas of interest: 

Cytoskeletal dynamics in development and cancer progression.

Current research: 

The research within the Côté laboratory is focused on dissecting receptor tyrosine kinases and Rho GTPases signalling pathways controlling cytoskeletal dynamics. We also explore the normal biological functions of these pathways in vivo. We found novel central regulators of the step of myoblast fusion during muscle development (see Laurin M et al., PNAS (2008) and Hamoud N et al., PNAS (2014). In addition, cytoskeletal dynamics is important for cell migrations and invasion and we are conducting translational research projects aiming to interfere with the step of metastasis during breast cancer progression (Laurin M et al., PNAS (2013), Laurin M et al., Genes and Developments (2014)). Our lab uses biochemical and cell biology approaches, live-cell imaging, genomics, proteomics and in vivo models.

Keywords: Signal Transduction / Cytoskeletal Dynamics / Cell Migration and Invasion / Breast Cancer Metastasis / Developmental Biology / Muscle Development and Regeneration / Myoblast Fusion / Rho GTPases / Rho GEFs and DOCK180 Proteins

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