Dr. Kelly Sears is awarded the Microscopical Society of Canada Technologist Award 2019

Published: 15May2019

Dr. Kelly Sears, Research Manager at the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR) is awarded the Microscopical Society of Canada Technologist Award 2019. This award recognizes his passion...

Reinhardt lab establishes a new paradigm how extracellular fibrillin-1 regulates intracellular microRNAs and cell function

Published: 8Jan2019

Fibrillins are the major components of microfibrils in the extracellular matrix of elastic and non-elastic tissues. Fibrillin-1 contains one evolutionarily conserved RGD sequence that mediates cell...

The Reinhardt group publishes novel biological mechanisms in blood vessels in PLOS Biology

Published: 8Aug2018

Fibronectin is a protein that exists in vertebrates in two distinct forms: one present in the blood and the other in blood vessel walls. In mammals, fibronectin is important for the development of...

Dr. John Presley co-authors a publication in Cell Reports

Published: 25Jul2018

C24 Sphingolipids Govern the Transbilayer Asymmetry of Cholesterol and Lateral Organization of Model and Live-Cell Plasma Membranes  

Seminar: Dr. Soung-Hun Roh


Molecular Mechanism through Direct Visualization Using Cryo-EM