Carlos R Morales

Carlos R Morales
Contact Information
Email address: 
carlos.morales [at]

DVM (UNNE, Argentina), PhD (McGill)

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Areas of interest: 

Biogenesis of Lysosomes; Lysosomal Sphingolipid Activator Proteins (SAPs) Targeting Mechanisms of Lysosomal Proteins Studies on Reproduction.

Current research: 

Dr. Morales and his collaborators are working in the intracellular transport of various lysosomal hydrolases as well as in two lysosomal activator proteins. He is also interested in the pathogenesis of a variety of lysosomal storage disorders. His laboratory primarily focuses on the molecular mechanisms of “forward transport” (i.e. from the TGN to endosomes), and “reverse transport” (i.e. from endosomes to the TGN) of the lysosomal receptor Sortilin which is involved in the targeting of the sphingolipid activator protein, prosaposin (PSAP) to lysosomes. In addition, using genetically modified mice, the Morales lab is examining the effect of the gene inactivation of several lysosomal hydrolases that are responsible for well-known lysosomal storage disorders. Recently, his lab tested the hypothesis that antimicrobial peptides linked to the lysosomal targeting motif of PSAP can be delivered to the lysosomal compartment. During the next five years his lab will test the effectiveness of this novel therapeutic approach for the interception and elimination of pathogens (such as bacteria and protozoa), at their site of multiplication, i.e., the endolysosomal compartment of the infected cells.

Keywords: Endosome, lysosome, protein trafficking, targeting of lysosomal proteins, sortilin, prosaposin, lysosomal storage disorders, antimicrobial peptides, β-Defensin, Tachyplesin

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