The French Language Centre (FLC) and the Arts Multimedia Language Facility (AMLF) extend thanks to several groups for their help in developing and maintaining the AMLF. We appreciate and value the collaboration of the following:

Arts Undergraduate Society

The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) supports the Arts Multimedia Language Facility in its mandate to provide our student population access to the best language instruction available.

In 2016, thanks to the generous support of the Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund (AUIF), two offices were converted into a multi-functional and flexible space open to both students and faculty. The creation of this new collaborative space allowed us to provide a wider range of language learning and teaching activities and to organize informal social gatherings and events for the McGill Community.

During summer 2016, the Arts Students Employment Fund (ASEF) sponsored two research assistant positions which gave us the opportunity to create a bank of language teaching and learning online resources and mobile applications for L2 instructors and students.

In 2001, the AUS responded generously when the AMLF sought funding for audio-visual equipment for its Phase 2: a projector, a screen, a VCR and a DVD player. Indeed the AMLF teaching lab is the only wired classroom of its size to accommodate large groups of language learners involved in teaching/learning activities. The screen and projector are essential in classroom demonstrations. As for the VCR and the DVD player, they not only allow additional content to be shown on screen for further classroom activities, but they are also used to project language materials or language support materials available only in those formats.

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning (CUTL) and the Royal Bank Teaching & Learning Improvement Fund

Under the auspices of the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, the Royal Bank Teaching and Learning Improvement Fund has provided seed money to the Faculty of Arts' language departments to support innovative teaching practices and the development of improved methods or curriculum. This fund is presently supporting AMLF projects where the use of multimedia technology is central.

In 2000, Professors Hélène Riel-Salvatore and Hélène Poulin-Mignault from the English & French Language Centre and the Arts Multimedia Language Facility, along with fellow members of the AMLF Steering Committee were granted $20,000 for the collaborative project: Training the teacher, testing the tool: CALL-materials to enhance language teaching and learning in the Faculty of Arts. This project is clearly distinguishable from the usual course improvement fund application since it involves multiple AMLF users from 5 different language departments (FLC: French — EAST ASIAN STUDIES: Chinese, -- RUSSIAN AND SLAVIC STUDIES: Russian, -- HISPANIC STUDIES: Spanish, and ITALIAN STUDIES: Italian), teaching 13 courses with an average enrolment of 521 students per year.

Applicants are constructing a collaborative model for producing language teaching materials, based on the creation of an iconographic data bank, the pooling of resources and the sharing of applicants' first-hand knowledge and experience of the AMLF authoring system.

In 2002, Professor Loretta Hyrat and co-applicant Professor Jean-Yves Richard from the English and French Language Centre received a $10,000 grant for the renewal of the laboratory programme used in course 127-211 (Intermediate French 1). The title of this project is: Compréhension et pratique orale au laboratoire AMLF et sur WebCT, pratique grammaticale et initiation à la culture.

AMLF and FACL: an inter-Faculty collaboration

The Faculty of Arts Computer Labs (FACL) is primarily dedicated to providing computer facilities for staff and students in the Faculty of Arts. It manages the computer stations at the AMLF, the AUS student-funded Arts Computer Labs (ARCL), the ARCL public stations, as well as‎ all affiliated departmental, graduate student, and research labs in the Faculty of Arts.

The FACL provides technical support and maintenance for the AMLF hardware and assists with the technical aspects and intricacies of the software used at the AMLF. It is also mandated by the Faculty of Arts to facilitate the work of language teachers by providing them with solutions when obstacles of a technical nature arise.

Work Study Program

Thanks to the McGill Work Study Program, which funds part of the students' salary, the AMLF is able to hire 10 to 15 students per year to assist the AMLF users. These students are often fluent in many of the languages taught at the AMLF and are a great asset, not only for their presence in the lab, but also for the creation of special language projects in which their expertise--technical, linguistic and cultural--is very useful.

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