AMLF Software and Apps

The AMLF offers the most recent language-learning technology to students and instructors within the Faculty of Arts. All software can be used by faculty members and students for oral and writing practice, exercises, multimedia projects, research, and examinations.


Antidote 10 Bilingue

A complete set of software reference tools for writing in French and English. Includes dictionaries, guides, and illustrations.

Available for lab use only (no remote access).

Learning Branch


Learning Branch

A web-based learning management system that targets oral production, listening, and pronunciation through tasks and assessments. For more information, visit the Learning Branch website.

iSpraak logo
Image by iSpraak.


iSpraak is a web-based activity generator that allows instructors to create pronunciation exercises for their students that can be shared with a unique URL. Instructors first select a language and then write or paste a short text to be read by the students. They can provide an audio file to serve as a model or simply use iSpraak’s text-to-speech software. When practicing speaking, students receive immediate feedback and audio help from native speakers for difficult words.
Availability: Web (Chrome only). 100 % free for McGill instructors and students.

KEY 2011

A teaching and learning tool for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Includes word processing, dictionaries, and text-to-speech.

MS Office 2016

Allows students to do assignments for their language courses, and thereby to learn word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphic design skills.

Le Petit Robert

A French Digital dictionary to look up definitions, verify proper usage, spelling, pronunciation, grammatical difficulties, semantic nuances, homonyms, navigate through different words by using links: synonyms, analogies, antonyms, etc.

Le correcteur bilingue v.2.0

Tools to help perfect written English and French. Includes dictionaries, guides, and translation tools.


Many language teachers complement their in-class teaching and laboratory oral work programme with written teaching materials supported by myCourses. This is a Web browser-based course management system, and it allows them to make available, via the Web, not only the usual course hand-outs and calendars, but also reading materials, exercises and web links of cultural and linguistic interest. Thanks to myCourses, collaborative learning is enhanced through online class discussions, and communication between the teacher and the group or individual students is ensured through an integrated e-mail system. 

Faronics Insight

A management tool for classroom computers and a way to collaborate that allows instructors to help, monitor, teach, hold examinations and communicate with the entire class from a single computer. Insight also allows the instructor to control the applications and internet activity on other users’ computers. This can be managed remotely from the instructor's computer.




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