AMLF policies and procedures


Use your McGill Username and McGill Password to log in to the AMLF computers.

All students must have a valid McGill ID to use the AMLF computers and must be enrolled in a language class to be able to use LearningBranch. Click here for more information regarding McGill ID cards.


Save files on your personal drive (a.k.a. the P: drive) or to your OneDrive cloud file storage; do not save to the C: (i.e. local) drive.
Use of AMLF computers is subject to the McGill policy on Responsible Use of McGill Information Technology Resources.


  1. Drinks must be in a lidded container; food is allowed in the Lounge and Meeting Room only.
  2. Jackets must be left on the coat hooks provided.
  3. Noise in the lab should be kept at a minimum level suited to a research and recording environment.
  4. Phone calls should not be taken in the hallway or laboratories.

Instructors are responsible for creating their own course material for the LearningBranch system. Should you choose to use another individual's work (text, video, audio or photograph), you must obtain written consent from the creator of this material and provide it to the Director of the AMLF, so that we may produce it in the event of an audit.

Click here for more information on copyright at McGill.

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