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Natallia Liakina

Natallia Liakina

natallia.liakina [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Natallia Liakina has taught at the French Language Centre at McGill University since 2006. Her current research is focused on corrective phonetics and the impact of new technologies on second language teaching and learning both in the classroom and in computer lab settings.

Please contact the AMLF Director regarding professional development activities and special projects, lab visits and professional practice exchanges, online resources and mobile applications for language teaching and learning.


Haluk Tuncay

Educational Technology Consultant
haluk.tuncay [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

The Educational Technology Consultant provides instructional development counseling and ongoing support to teaching Faculty members from all language departments, prepares and presents training workshops to users of the pedagogical software available at the AMLF, and handles the AMLF reservations.

Please contact Haluk Tuncay for inquiries regarding instructional use of LearningBranch and other pedagogical software, the language facility, and how to reserve. 




Students, hired as lab assistants, provide technical help to the users of the labs. They work on special projects such as helping instructors create new material for the LearningBranch system, researching and testing language teaching and learning applications, creating tutorials for the software we use at the AMLF, preparing and leading workshops on language-learning tools.


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