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Fodey logo
Image by Fodey.

Fodey is a web tool that allows users to create their own newspaper clipping. Users simply enter the name of their newspaper, date, headline and story, and Fodey generates a clipping. The tool requires no login or registration and only supports Latin scripts.
Availability: Web. 100% free.

Storybird logo
Image by Storybird.

Storybird is a writing and reading platform that allows users to create picture books, longform chapter books or poems, and illustrate them by selecting images and backgrounds from a library of artwork. Stories and poems can be shared on the website and read by other users or kept private. The educator account allows instructors to issue and manage assignments, grade students work and team up students or classes for collaborative work.
Availability: Web and iOS (poetry app). 100 % free.


Image by Glogster.

Glogster is a web-based platform that can be used to create interactive multimedia posters. Users can easily create posters or presentations by combining images, graphics, audio, video and text on one digital canvas, and find information and inspiration on different topics in the Glogpedia content library. 
Availability: Web and iOS (iPad). Paid subscription or one time fee for personal use.

MadMagz logo
Image by MadMagz.

Madmagz allows users to create a full digital magazine by writing articles, creating an interactive table of content, inserting photos, videos and links, and customizing the layout. Users can invite other people to collaborate on their magazine and share their magazine on social media or with a unique URL.
Availability: Web. Free basic account.

Pixton logo
Image by Pixton.

Pixton is a website allowing users to create their own comic strips. The website provides a large library of backgrounds, characters, props and templates that can be customized to fit the users’ storyline. In addition to free individual accounts, Pixton offers a service for instructors that allows them to create private rooms in which students can collaborate and share their comics. This service also includes resources for instructors such as timelines, mind maps and more customizing options.
Availability: Web. Free individual account. Free 15-day trial for School account.


WiseMapping logo
Image by WiseMapping.

WiseMapping is an open source web-based mind mapping tool. Although it offers few customization options, there is no limit of maps users can create. Maps can be shared by inviting collaborators and exported into Excel, PDF or image files. 
Availability: Web. 100 % free.


MindMeister logo
Image by MindMeister.

MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping tool designed for brainstorming, note taking, project planning and meeting management. Users can select from multiple map themes and customize the layout, font and colours. As a task management tool, MindMeister allows users to assign tasks to collaborators, set priorities, view the history of changes, add due dates and indicate progress using a simple task widget as well as turn maps into slideshow presentations that can be exported, broadcasted online or embedded. Users can also add images, audio, video and attachments to their maps.
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. Free basic account (3 maps).


Mindomo logo
Image by Mindomo.

Mindomo is a mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining tool designed to help students develop their critical thinking. Instructors using Mindomo can create custom collaborative assignments, set up groups of students and keep track of all the changes made on their maps. Users can transform a map into slide-by-slide presentations, add images, video and audio notes, and use predefined mind map templates. They can also use Mindomo as a collaborative visual task manager which offers multiple functionalities: drag and drop tasks, focus on important tasks, hierarchical overview, comments, email notifications, multiple assignees, etc. The tool can also be integrated into most popular learning management systems.
Availability: Web, iOS and Android (online) or Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux (download). Free basic account (3 maps).

Xmind logo
Image by Xmind.

Xmind is an open-source mind mapping software that allows users to select from multiple themes, customize the font, insert images, audio, video and use images from the clipart library.  The brainstorming mode allows users to collect and classify ideas in groups and control the brainstorming session time. The Gantt Chart view allows users to add, edit and show tasks including the start and end date, assignee, priority and progress. Maps can be exported into Office, PDF and image files. XMind also offers four business charts: Fishbone Chart for causal relationships, Matrix for comparative analysis, Timeline to track schedule and Org Chart to present an overview of the user’s organization. XMind also allows users to sync their maps across Mac or PC and extend to iOS with the Cloud.
Availability: Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux. Download required. Free limited version.


Adobe Spark logo
Image by Adobe.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile application that allows users to create beautiful social graphics, animated videos and web stories quickly and intuitively. Users can choose from a variety of themes, layouts, fonts and import multimedia content directly from the application. Among many interesting features, Adobe Spark includes preset post designs for every major social media platforms,  interactive content options for web stories and narrative prompts for video-making beginners. Projects can be shared on social media or with a uniquel URL.
Availability: Web and iOS. Registration required. 100 % free.

Sway logo
Image by Microsoft Sway.

Microsoft Sway is a presentation tool that allows users to gather images, text, videos and other media, and format them on an interactive web-based canvas. Users can import content from their device or drag-and-drop content directly from the web without exiting Sway. Users can have Sway automatically generate a design and can easily customize their presentation by selecting from different layouts and colour templates, and by adding interactive content (diaporama, comparison of images, clickable piles of photos, etc.). Sways can be shared with anyone using a unique URL.
Availability: Web and Windows application. Microsoft account required. 100% free.

Canva logo
Image by Canva.

Canva is a graphic design tool that allows users to create presentations, website banners, social media graphics, flyers, posters, menus, invitations and much more. Users can drag-and-drop content from an extensive library of images and graphics or upload their own material. They can also edit images with filters or advanced editing tools and access a large selection of professional fonts. Projects can be downloaded or shared on social media or with a unique URL. Canva also offers lesson plans and teaching material for instructors on their website
Availability: Web and iOS. Free with a few paid premium features available.

Educreations logo
Image by Educreations .

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard and screen casting tool that allows users to create video tutorials and presentations by annotating, animating or narrating content. Users can write directly on the board (with a touch screen), add text and import documents and images. Videos are automatically saved on the user’s Educreations account and ready to be shared or viewed by others. Instructors can create a private classroom environment for lessons and resources sharing. 
Availability: Web and iOS (iPad). Free basic account.


Thinglink logo
Image by Thinglink.

Thinglink is a web annotation tool that allows users to add content layers over images (including 360˚ images from a preloaded curriculum aligned photographs) and videos. Instructors can use Thinglink to build visual and immersive learning experiences such as interactive tours, maps, syllabi, study guides and more by adding audio, videos, Google Forms, quizzes or writing activities over their file. 
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. Free basic account.


TimelineJS logo
Image by Knightlab.

TimelineJS is an open-source tool that allows users to create interactive timelines using a Google spreadsheet. Events are added on different lines of the spreadsheet and can take place on a single date or span multiple days, months or years. Media from a variety of sources such as Youtube, Twitter, Google Maps, Wikipedia and more can be added to the timeline. Once completed, the timeline can be published on the web and shared with a unique URL or code to embed on a website.
Availability: Web. 100% free.


Timeglider logo
Image by Timeglider.

Timeglider is a free online tool that allows users to create interactive timelines. Users can create single points of information or events that span multiple years on the timeline and interact with it by dragging it left or right, by zooming in and out or by clicking on any points or events. Timelines can be shared through a unique URL and embedded on a website.
Availability: Web. Free to use for students (up to 3 timelines), otherwise subscription with 7 day free trial.


Wordclouds logo
Image by Wordclouds.

With WordClouds, users can customize the size and resolution of the cloud (HD), the shape, the theme, the colours and the font. Words can be typed or imported from text files, MS Office, PDF documents or from the web. Words amount can be defined by the repetition of the word and the words size by its weigh (higher number). Links can be added to words and saved as a HTML image map. Word clouds can be downloaded in multiple formats and shared.
Availability: Web. 100 % free.

Word Art logo
Image by Word Art.

Word Art
With Word Art, users can create unique word art by easily customizing the words, the shape of the cloud, the colours, the layout and the font or by adding animation. Words can be typed or imported from text (simple text, CVS or Excel) or from the web. Words amount can be automatically generated or defined by a number and the words size can be maximized or defined by ordering them in numbers. Word clouds can be downloaded in standard quality PNG format and shared.
Availability: Web. Free standard quality downloads.

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