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Image by Flashcard Machine.

Flashcard Machine
Flashcard Machine allows students and instructors to create and share flash cards. Users can allow other people to work on and edit their sets of flash cards. Text, images and audio can be inserted in the flash cards. When studying the cards, two modes are available: standard sessions (flip and continue) or 4D sessions (time-based cycles). Finally, users can test their knowledge with multiple choice questions or pop quizzes.
Availability: Web, iOS, Android and Kindle. Web version 100 % free.


iSpraak logo
Image by iSpraak.

iSpraak is a web-based activity generator that allows instructors to create pronunciation exercises for their students that can be shared with a unique URL. Instructors first select a language and then write or paste a short text to be read by the students. They can provide an audio file to serve as model or simply use iSpraak’s text-to-speech software. When practicing speaking, students receive immediate feedback and audio help from native speakers for difficult words.
Availability: Web (Chrome only). 100 % free for McGill instructors and students.


Go Formative logo
Image by Go Formative.

Go Formative
With Go Formative, instructors can create or upload online assignments (classwork or homework) that go beyond multiple choice questions. Activities can be shared to students by email or with a code and accessed on any device. Students can type in answers, draw or submit images and the instructor can keep track of their answers and give feedback in real time. 
Availability: Web. 100 % free for basic account, 30 day free trial for Premium membership.

Kahoot logo
Image by Kahoot.

Kahoot! can be used to create shareable games of multiple choice questions with embedded images, diagrams and videos. The games are then displayed on a screen while students answer the questions on their tablet, smartphone or computer. The games can also be played in real time with other classes in different countries.
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. 100 % free for basic account, 30 day free trial for Premium membership.

Quizziz logo
Image by Quizziz.

Quizziz allows instructors to search quizzes made by other instructors around the world, create their own quizzes and assign them as homework or use them as a live game in class. Instructors can control the competition by customizing the leaderboard, the timing and other settings. The tool includes gamification elements such as avatars, leaderboards and funny memes along with detailed class and student-level reports.
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. 100 % free.

Classtools logo
Image by Classtools.

Classtools “Connect Fours”
“Connect Fours” allows users to create quizzes in which players must identify connections between words and concepts. Users can create multiple groups of words and the computer will select four random groups during each game.
Availability: Web. Free basic version.

Socrative logo
Image by Socrative.

Socrative is a classroom application with which instructors can create customized activities such as polls, quizzes, group races and quick questions (multiple choice, true or false, short answer). Instructors can view students or class results in real time and the application generates a report for every activity which allows the instructor to review students’ understanding at the class, individual or question level. Instructors can create virtual room to host the activities in class or remotely and run up to ten at a time. 
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. Free basic account.

Quizalizo logo
Image by Quizalize.


Quizalize allows users to select from 20 000 topic specific assessments or create their own customized quiz and assign it as a class team game or as an interactive homework. Instructors can use a dashboard to track individual students or the whole class’ progress and identify what students need help with. 
Availability: Web. Free basic account.

Quizlet logo
Image by Quizlet.

Quizlet allows users to search from millions of study sets or create their own and then study the material through flashcards and different types of games (multiple choice questions, type what you hear or see, match images and definitions, etc.). Instructors, when using Quizlet, can create customized independent or team games for their students, track individual activity and progress over time and receive data in percentage on what students commonly miss.
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. Free basic account.


EDPuzzle logo
Image by EDPuzzle.

EDPuzzle is a free application and web-based tool that allows instructors to create interactive lessons with videos from the web or upload their own. With a simple editor, users can crop the video, add voice comments or questions and quizzes at any point during the video. EDPuzzles also provides a progress table for each video with which the instructor can track students’ activity and know which student did or did not watch the video along with their results. 
Availability: Web, iOS and Android. Free for instructors and students.

Vibby logo
Image by Vibby.


Vibby is a free video platform that enables users to select a video from Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo and clip, highlight and then share important parts of it (Vibs). Users can then insert comments at different times during the video and reply to other users’ comments. Vibs can be made public or private and shared with a unique URL. 
Availability: Web. 100 % free.

Playposit logo
Image by Playposit.

Playposit is a learning environment designed to create and share interactive video lessons. Instructors can search videos online, select a video from Playposit’s library or upload their own, and embed content, questions and quizzes at specific times during the video. They can then monitor students’ activity and progress in real time through a question-by-question breakdown of their performance. Playposit can be used with most learning management systems.
Availability: WebFree basic account, premium account available with subscription.


ARIS logo
Image by Fieldday lab.

ARIS is a software with which users can create augmented reality location-based games, tours and interactive stories. Players can complete quests, collect items and talk to virtual characters on their mobile devices, all while exploring the world around them. 
Availability: iOS (requires an internet connection to play). 100 % free for projects under 100 players.


Inklewriter logo
Image by Inkle.

Inklewriter is an online platform with a user-friendly interface that can be used with students to create interactive stories. Users are guided thought the process as they write paragraphs, insert images and create choices that will influence the development of their story. The platform works in a web browser and allows users to create account without an email address so they can save their work. Stories can be published online and played by others.
Availability: Web. 100 % free.

Scripturales logo
Image by Scripturales.

Scriptur@les – Scénarios didactiques
Scripturales is an online website offering information and independent learning resources dedicated to teaching French writing. The website offers a set of detailed pedagogical scenarios designed to help instructors create writing activities aided by technology. Scenarios include an overview of the activity's objectives, a detailed presentation of the different steps of the activity, a selection of technology tools and evaluation grids for the final production.
Availability: Web. In French only. 100% free.

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