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Audio recordings cannot be saved on Resume/Record

In worksheet-type audio recordings, the "Resume/Record" feature enables students to pause and add new sound recordings back to back each time the record button is clicked. However, if the user adds too many sound recordings to an item or to multiple items under a single page, the cache of your computer may not handle the data (as recordings are stored locally until the student changes the page). The frequency of experiencing the issue may vary depending on the length and quantity of the sound recordings as well as the system configuration of your device –in other words, how big the audio files are and how much installed RAM you have in your PC. Although the resume/record feature is still working, please be midful that using this feature in assessments may result in losing part of the sound recordings, especially if you students will make several pauses.


Suggestion: Especially when building lessons/assessments with several audio recordings, dividing your lesson into two or more pages is always a good idea. If you are adding more than five or ten audio recording items to a single worksheet page (regardless of having the resume/record feature on or off), you can simply add a new worksheet page and continue adding items in the new one. Remember that recordings are stored on the local computer until the next page is turned (at which point, data is uploaded to the platform and released from the cache). For this reason, we recommend you to:

- avoid adding more than 10 audio recording items in a single worksheet page
- use the SocioLearner mode (instead of the worksheet mode), when resume/record feature is needed for an activity.
- turn off the resume/record feature when not needed.

November 2021


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