Special Characters

Press and hold 'ALT key' while typing the ALT code for characters to appear. If they do not appear correctly, simply copy and paste the letter from the table below to your text.

Letter Letter Type Alt Code
è Lowercase Accent Grave (e) 0232
é Lowercase Accent Aigu (e) 0233
ê Lowercase Accent Circonflex (e) 0234
ë Lowercase Accent Tréma (e) 0235
î Lowercase Accent Circonflex (i) 0238
ï Lowercase Accent Tréma (i) 0239
ô Lowercase Accent Circonflex (o) 0244
œ Lowercase Ligature(oe) 0156
ù Lowercase Accent Grave (a) 0249
û Lowercase Accent Circonflex (u) 0251
ü Lowercase Accent Tréma (u) 0252
à Lowercase Accent Grave (a) 0224
â Lowercase Accent Circonflex (a) 0226
ä Lowercase Accent Tréma (a) 0228
æ Lowercase Ligature(ae) 0230
ç Lowercase Cedilla (c) 0231
Letter Letter Type Alt Code
À Uppercase Accent Grave (A) 0192
 Uppercase Accent Circonflex (A) 0194
Ä Uppercase Accent Tréma (A) 0196
Æ Uppercase Ligature(AE) 0198
Ç Uppercase Cedilla (C) 0199
È Uppercase Accent Grave (E) 0200
É Uppercase Accent Aigu (E) 0201
Ê Uppercase Accent Circonflex (E) 0202
Ë Uppercase Accent Tréma (E) 0203
Î Uppercase Accent Circonflex (I) 0206
Ï Uppercase Accent Tréma (I) 0207
Ô Uppercase Accent Circonflex (O) 0212
ΠUppercase Ligature(OE) 0140
Ù Uppercase Accent Grave (U) 0217
Û Uppercase Accent Circonflex (U) 0219
Ü Uppercase Accent Tréma (U) 0220
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