Welcome to McGill's Alcohol Policy website. This is your hub for information on alcohol policy, alcohol permits, server training, and support for safer parties. The McGill Alcoholic Beverages Policy focuses on responsible and safe use of alcohol on campus. In particular, this policy places full responsibility on both the servers of alcohol and sponsors of events, for the actions of those served, and for respecting University Policies and Provincial Laws. 

Get an Alcohol Permit

Alcohol Permits Administration is responsible for managing McGill University’s liquor permits and ensuring that only duly authorized alcohol-related functions can take place on campus in accordance with permit regulations. 

Get Server Trained

All students who serve alcohol on McGill campus must be Server Trained. This workshop educates student alcohol providers about their legal responsibilities as servers and provides practical methods for responsible consumption and minimizing alcohol related harms.

Party Safe

Whether it's making a plan to get home after a night on the town, or if you are hosting a party and you want to make sure everyone has a great time, there are lots of services and resources that can help you and party-goers to have a great time!


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