Darin Barney
Associate Professor, Grierson Chair in Communication

Jenny Burman
Associate Professor

Coleman, Gabriella
Associate Professor, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy

Yuriko Furuhata
Associate Professor & William Dawson Scholar of Cinema and Media History, Department of East Asian Studies and World Cinemas Program

Chriscinda Henry
Assistant Professor

Mary Hunter
Associate Professor

Matthew C. Hunter
Associate Professor

Becky Lentz
Associate Professor

Charmaine Nelson

Marc Raboy
Professor, Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications

Carrie Rentschler
Associate Professor, William Dawson Scholar in Feminist Media Studies

Christine Ross
Full Professor, James McGill Chair in Contemporary Art History

Jonathan Sterne
Professor, James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology

Will Straw
Professor, James McGill Professor of Urban Media Studies

Angela Vanhaelen


Mary Hunter (2018-2019)

Jenny Burman (2017-2018)

Christine Ross (2012-2017)

Will Straw (Fall 2008)

Marc Raboy (2006-2012)

Visiting Scholars

Peggy Phelan
Winter 2014 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Walter Benn Michaels
Fall 2014 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Fred Turner
Associate Professor of Communication at Stanford University
Winter 2013 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Lisa Gitelman
Associate Professor of Media and English at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Fall 2012 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Sarah Banet-Weiser
Professor in the School of Communication at USC Annenberg, and American Studies and Ethnicity in Los Angeles, California.
Fall 2012 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Mara Mills
Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University
Fall 2011 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Joanna Zylinska
Goldsmiths, University of London
Winter 2011 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

John Downing
Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Fall 2010 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Mimi Sheller
Drexel University, Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster University
Fall 2010 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Jodi Dean
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Erasmus University
Winter 2010 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Lisa Parks
Film & Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Winter 2009 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Claudia Padovani
Department of Historical and Political Studies, University of Padova
2009-2010 Visiting Scholar

Vanessa Schwartz
University of Southern California College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Fall 2008 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Barbara Thomass
Institute for Media Studies, Faculty of Philology, University of Bochum, Germany
Fall 2008 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Peter Dahlgren
Department of Media and Communication, Lund University, Sweden
Winter 2008 Visiting Scholar

Kevin Robins
Department of Sociology, City University, London
Fall 2007 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

John Durham Peters
Department of Communication, University of Iowa
Winter 2007 Beaverbrook Visiting Scholar

Media@Gill Postdoctoral Fellows

Elizabeth Parke
2017-2018 - “Sino-Automobilities: Luxury cars, Crony Capitalism, and State Violence in the Sinosphere”

Jeffrey Diamanti
2016-2017 - "The Long Transition: Energy, Capital and the Infrastructures of Impasse"

Cait McKinney
2015-2016 - "AIDS Activism Online: Information, Crisis, and the Emergent Internet"

Kyle Stine
2014-2015 - “Cinema Without Us: Machine Perception and Human Finitude”

Alessandro Delfanti
2013-2014 - "Hacking Your Brain Cancer Medical Records: Radical Sharing and Patients’ Participatory Practices”

Arne Hintz
2009-2010 - "Mapping Global Media Policy"

Tamara Vukov

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars

Mohamed Ben Moussa
“Social Media and Social Movements in the Arab Spring: A Network Analysis Perspective” (FQRSC)
Supervisor: Darin Barney

Anne-Marie Bouchard
“La Construction visuelle du capitalisme dans la culture médiatique: l’illustration photographique dans les quotidiens allemands, français et anglais de l’entre-deux-guerres” (SSHRC)
Supervisor: Mary Hunter

Stéphane Couture
"L'inscription de valeurs politiques dans le design du code source: le cas des logiciels libres" (FQRSC)
Supervisor: Gabriella Coleman

Camilla Haavisto
“Structures of Compassion - Media, Migration and the Politics of Emotions”
“Immigrant Media Workers in Finland and Quebec: Career Paths, Intermediaries, and Local Labor Markets” (The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, Finland)
Supervisor: Darin Barney

Amy Adele Hasinoff
“Sexting: The Politics of Social Media and Sexuality” (SSHRC)
Supervisor: Carrie Rentschler

Angela Joosse
“The Art of Movement: Marie Menken's Expanding Cinema” (SSHRC)
Supervisor: Christine Ross

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