Graduate Student Funding

Media@McGill funded many graduate students since the beginning through the Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Graduate Research Fellowship for Continuing Doctoral Students, Advanced Dissertation Grant, Arts Graduate Research Fellowships, Professional Development Grant, and Travel Grants.

Graduate Entrance Scholarships

The Beaverbrook Fund for Media@McGill has awarded graduate entrance scholarships to the following students:


PhD Art History

Sarah Carter - "Uncanny Objects: Henry Fuseli and Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory"

Nicolas Holt - "Architectural Media / Mediatic Architecture"

MA Communication Studies

Emma Flavian - "Mapping Utopia's Horizon: Cartographies of Futurity and the Queer Multitudinous Audience in Black and in Color"

PhD Communication Studies

Jessica Fontaine - "Affective Economies and Politically Infused Acts of Pleasure in Canadian Pop Music Performances"

Alican Koc - "Wide Awake Woke: Deception, Conspiracy, and the Aesthetics of Consciousness After 9/11"

Liza Tom - " 'Global Queering': Trans Narratives in Globalised Bangalore Media"


PhD Art History

Joana Joachim - "In(hair)itance: Self-representation and the Use of African Hair in Contemporary Art By Black Female Artists in Canada and the United-States"

Evgeniya Makarova -"Totalitarian Temporality: The visual culture of mass-seduction, mass-subduction and mass-sedation"

Braden Lee Scott - "Building Spaces for the Gods: Mythic Mediterranean Architecture in Early Modern Art"

MA Art History

Jacqueline Atkin - "Medial Representation and Relationships Between Visual Arts and Literature"

Zoya Dare -"Viewer as Player: Audience's Role in Contemporary Art"

PhD Communication Studies

Clinton Glenn -" "We Are People – Not Propaganda": Building Transnational LGBT Cultural Networks in the Baltic States, Belarus, and Ukraine"

Allyson Rogers -"The Music and Sound of the National Film Board’s Unit B, 1948-1964"

MA Communication Studies

Geneviève Plumptre - "Digital Storytelling Techniques and the Dissemination of Traumatic Experiences"

Hannah Tollefson - "Ways of Seeing: Public Perceptions of Transparency and Accountability in the Adoption of Police Body-Worn Cameras"


PhD Art History

Deborah Galante – “Immigrant Artists in the New Multicultural Italy: The Experience of Migration Expressed in Visual and Performing Art”

jake moore - "probing the spatial turn and the re-materialization of the work of art, as an arena for making legible the feminine other within contemporary art practices and their historiography"

PhD Communication Studies

Itzayana Gutierrez Arillo - "Exotic affections: Post-Colonial Fantasies in Latin American Comics 1930-1975"

Farah Atoui -"Abu Dhabi's Louvre, Guggenheim and Zayed National Museums: Mediating a 'New Global Arabism'"

Gabrielle Kielich - "Not-for-Profit: The Complex Role of Touring in Rock Musicians’ Careers"

MA Communication Studies

Itzel Danae Maldonado Dorantes - "Communicative Mediations in Postmodern Urban Mobility: Gender Asymmetries within the Reconfiguration of City Discourse"


PhD Art History                                      

Zoe de Luca - "Artist voices from the 1980s: vocality, technics, and performativity"

PhD Communication Studies

Ayanna Dozier -"The Abject as a Counter-Aesthetic in Queer Performance in Art and Visual Culture"

Jonathan Karpetz -"Competitive Labour Practice in Creative Economies"

MA Communication Studies

Katherine Hales - "Exploring the establishment of national identity through collective memory produced by cultural institutions"

Z. Isadora Hellegren -"Cypherpunks in an Era of Internet Surveillance:A Study of a Movement and its Methods"

Luam Kidane -"Contentious Art: Disruption and Decolonial Aesthetics in Black Radical Tradition"

Matti Turner - "Knowledge, Power, and Restraint: a Critical Analysis of agricultural seed technologies"


PhD Communication Studies

Mauricio Delfin – “Cultural policies, networked technologies and civic engagement in Latin America”

Ali Karimi – “The Pursuit of Urban Modernity: Kabul City, 1870-2006”

MA Communication Studies

Laura Dunn – “The Impact and Reach of Humour in Feminist Media Online;”

Hubert Alain – “Better Versions of Us: on Human Enhancement and Biomedia;”

Matthew Goerzen – “Towards a Productive Anonymity”

Nicolas Maturo – “Our Bandcamp Could Be Your Life: Precarious Labour in Contemporary Popular Music”

PhD Art History

M. Lotfi Gouigah – “Time-based Artistic Media and the Redefinitions of Difference”

MA Art History

Isabelle Lynch – “What is Reality, Anyway? Rethinking the Visible in Contemporary Art”

Pooja Sen – “Mission: Impossible: Espionage and the Imagined Geographies of Cold War America”


Li Cornfeld - "Mourning Becomes electronic: Death and Dying in Memorial Technology"

Frances Cullen - "Medium Specificity, Contemporary Art, and Temporal Representation"

Justin Lutz - "Southern Strategies: A Rapprochement of Gender, Space, and Transgression in the New World"

Victoria Simon - "Music Software: The Arbiters of Audio Culture"

Lorenzo Vargas - "Communication Processes for Settlement and Integration of Colombian IDPs and Refugees"


Nathaniel Laywine -  "Narratives of International Development and Identity Formation in Indigenous Communities"

Celina Van Dembroucke - "The recordatorios: Representations of Memory and Disappearance"


Gretchen King - "Community Media Movements in the Middle East"

Guillaume Sirois - "Globalized artistic practices in the national cultural policy framework: towards a global governance for the arts sector"


Katherine Borlongan - "Authoritarianism 2.0 : Censorship in Southeast Asia in the information age"

Oswald Michelin - "Examining the effect of new communication technologies on aboriginals in Canada's North"

Dylan Mulvin - "Sounds too learny: democratic aesthetics on the radio"

Errol Salamon - "Redefining the “Public” in Canadian Public Service Broadcasting: Ontario and Quebec Communities, Youth Participation, and National Identity on"


Christine Crowther - "Building Media Systems Post-Conflict – Integrating Public Service Broadcasting

Heather Gibb - "Turn-of-the-Century Arts & Entertainment Culture and the Montreal Urban Public sphere

Christopher Gutierrez -  "On the Material Imagination of The State

Patricia Anne Schmidt - "Quebec Electric: Towards a Cultural Ecology of Contemporary Digital and Electronic Culture (Montreal in Europe and South America)"

Everett Wilson - "Public Intellectuals and Public Communication in Canada"


Paulina Mickiewicz - "Cultural identity, nationalism and libraries: a close study of the Quebec case"

Heather Mills - "Transmedial commodity-worlds: Final Fantasy"

Yasmine Nachabe Taan - "Magazine publishing in Lebanon from 1943 to 1975"


Tim Hecker - "Urban Noise: Signification and Political Subjectivity in 19th and early 20th century N.America"

Alison Jacques - "Coverage of female criminality and deviance in Canada's post-WWII tabloid press"

Normand Landry - "Radical and alternative media practices in Canada"

Hélène Laurin - "Journalistic accounts of heavy metal music"

Aysha Mawani - "Technology and citizenship; online identity formation"

Jaclyn Reid - "Visual Culture and Prostitution in the 19th Century, focusing on the intersection of commercial media and representations of women"

Graduate Research Fellowships for Continuing Doctoral Students


Zoë De Luca - “You can go now”: producing decolonial publics in a globalized art world

Ayanna Dozier - "Black Women on the Run: The Counter-Poetics of Black Women’s Cinematic and Performance Art Practices"

Itzayana Gutiérrez Arillo - "Exotic Affections, Totalitarism and Cartooning in Latin American Comics: 1930-1975"

Alexandra Kelebay - "The Imperial Image Imprinted: Circulation, Materiality, and Translation in Kievan Coinage, c. 980-1054"

Braden Scott - "Building Spaces for the Gods: Maarten van Heemskerck’s Ancient Mediterranean"


Shana Cooperstein - "Reading Between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France"

Ayanna Dozier - "Archival Hauntings: Animating the Histories and Archives of Black Women’s Post Civil Rights Experimental Cinema"


Tawny Andersen - "Performativity as Material Praxis"

Shana Cooperstein - "Reading Between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France"

Li Cornfeld - "Stages of Technology"

Lotfi Gouigah - "Opaque Media and Performative Technics: Communication Theory and New Media Art Criticism"

Victoria Simon - "Mobile Musical Screens and the App Economy"

Celina van Dembroucke - "Pics or it didn’t happen: how photography delivers a message: The case of amateurs and photojournalists in Latin America"


Tawny Andersen - "Performativity as Critical Praxis"

Shana Cooperstein - Archival research, Paris, France

Li Cornfield - "Products in Production at International CES"

Nathaniel Laywine - "Solidarity and Global Citizenship: International Volunteerism and Service Learning in Peru"

Isabelle Masse - "Médium et sensation: Histoires croisées dans le portrait français du XVIIIe siècle"

Maryse Ouellet - "Le sublime par l'image : contemporanéité du sublime dans l'art actuel"

Jonathan Rouleau - "The Cultural Nocturnalization of the Marconi-Alexandra Neighborhood in Montreal: Implications and Issues"

Victoria Simon - "Anybody can be a Musician: Transparency and the Discursive Construction of Touch in Interfaces for Music Composition"

Abi Shapiro - "Home Making and Making Homes: Intersections of Feminist Art and Architecture in the 1970s"

Samine Tabatabaei - "Contemporary Art of Iran"


Jonathan Rouleau - "The cultural role of universities in Montreal: reframing the university-city approach"

Abigail Shapiro - ''Reading Politics in Process: Historicizing Feminist Artists' Notebooks, 1960 - 1980"

Guillaume Sirois - "Making Judgement on the Arts in a Globalized World: the Case of the Venice Biennale"

Samine Tabatabaei - "Confines of Art Historical Narratives"


Caroline Bem - "'Death Proof' and the Cinematic Diptych"

Rafico Ruiz - "Sites of Communication: The Grenfell Mission of Newfoundland and Labrador"

Errol Salamon - "Media Labour Disputes and Social Change in Canada: An Institutional and Policy History of the Present"

Cheryl Thompson - "The Racialization of Beauty Culture, Hollywood Films, and Advertising, 1920-1939"


Caroline Bem - "The Cinematic Diptych: From Writing Tablets to System Reboots

Cheryl Thompson - "The Rise of Western Beauty Culture, Black Hair Products, and
Canada's Ladies' Magazine, Chatelaine 1860s to 1990s"

Errol Salamon - "Working Community Media Labour Disputes: Community Radio Workers' Lockout Blog Take Back Our Radio, 2008-2009"

Heather Gibb - "The Rialto Theatre and the Challenge to Preservation"

Christine Crowther - "Post-conflict Journalism Assistance: Finding a Complement to "Social" Peacebuilding"

Guillaume Sirois - "Building the global metaculture: the UNESCO and the narrative of the universality of human culture"

Rafico Ruiz - "The Grenfell Mission: extractive economies, labour patterns, and practices of social reform"


Caroline Bem - "The Cinematic Diptych: From Writing Tablets to System Reboots"

Errol Salamon - "Labour demand: Worker struggles in North American public service media"

Cheryl Thompson - "Sale and Runaway Advertisements of the Halifax Gazette, 1752-1830: Black Bodies, Racial Stereotypes, and the Marketing of Servitude"


Chris Gutierrez - "Fashioning the Veil: Bodies, Borders and the Multi-Cultural State"

Allison Jacques - "Not only the Lonely: Personal Advertisements in Justice Weekly, 1946-72"


Neal Thomas - "Postmetaphysical Informatics"

Lalai Manjikian - "Spaces of Contention: Deconstructing Social Exclusion/Inclusion and Everyday Refugee Experiences in Montréal"

Dwayne Avery - "The Future is Behind You: The Reclamation of Place in Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind"

Jorge Frozzini - "Understanding Intimacy: The Cultural and Ethical Implications of Intimacy in our World"


Geneviève Bonin - "Licence renewal accountability: The CRTC versus radio broadcasters"

Richard Hink - "The limits of the knowledge society: representation, risk and the revenge of the material economy"

Aysha Mawani - "Cultural diversity: A budding global policy platform"

Tobias C. van Veen - "Technics of disappearance: rave culture vs. the State, as unheard by the media in Vancouver, B.C., 1990-2000"


Ali Mohammed - "The growing impact of alternative media on traditional news and emerging democracy in the Arab World"

Jeremy Morris - " Political economy and policy on social network sites"

Liz Springate - "Stories of resistance: Digital storytelling and anti-violence activism"

Gregory Taylor - "Co-regulation and Canadian media"

Samantha Thrift - "Canadian feminism meets neo-liberalism: The 1984 NAC leaders’ debate"

Arts Graduate Research Fellowships


Shana Cooperstein - “Reading Between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France,” Department of Art History and Communication Studies

Vincenza Mazzeo - "SPEAKing a History of “Medical Feminism” and Women’s Health Activism in South Africa, 1982-2000," Department of History


Darcie DeAngelo - "To Love a Rat in a Cambodian Minefield:
Subjects and objects in a post-war context," Department of Anthropology


Qiuyu Jiang - "The Ebola Epidemic and the African Community in Guangzhou: An Analysis of the Chinese Media Response to Ebola," Department of Anthropology


M. Max Hamon - "Louis Riel and Red River Publics: The Rise and Fall of an Indigenous Public Sphere," Department of History

Zygmunt Alexander Mochnacki - "Open Data City: The Politics of Civic Hacking in Toronto," Department of Sociology


Nicolas Barber – “Participatory Videomaking and Indigenous Identity in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Department of Anthropology

Saoussan Askar – “An Analysis of the Discourses on HIV/AIDS in Popular Arab News Media,” Department of Sociology

Professional Development Grants


Anne-Sophie Garcia - New Cities Foundation, Montreal, QC

Emma Flavian - Artesian Films, Montreal, QC

Itzayana Gutierrez - Cabaret Commons Critical Project/Cabaret Commons Exhibition Place

Evgeniya Makarova, - Central Institute for Art History (Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte), Munich, Germany

Sofia Misenheimer - Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF), McGill University, Montreal, QC

Jonthan Rouleau - 4001 Berri Arts Hub, Montreal, QC

Sophie Toupin - World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) , Montreal, QC



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