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Online exhibitions

McGill Digital Exhibitions
Thematic curated selections of digitized items from the McGill University holdings 

Hack_Curio is a video portal into hackerdom that helps explain why hacking is one of the most important phenomena of global culture and politics in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Canadian Museum Associations - Museums as Home

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Online exhibitions/Virtual Views

Online Collection: 

The Louvre 
Virtual tours 

Musee de l’art contemporain (MACM) 
Online exhibition from their collection 

Vatican Museums, Rome 
Virtual tours 

Google Arts & Culture 
Online collections by institutions from around the world 

Art Fund
Collection of online exhibitions 

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 
Digital tour using app 

Cranach: Artist & Innovator 

Aubrey Beardley 



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Theory & culture podcasts

Between, Across, Through (Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto)
Official podcast of the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto. The Centre’s research focuses on individual experiences of migration in consideration of the complex dynamics of politics, culture, and society.

99% Invisible
99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.

Articles of Interest
Each installment pertains to a different aspect of dress. Articles of Interest is a mini-series within 99% Invisible.

Always Already - A Critical Theory Podcast
Tune in to the Always Already Podcast for indulgent conversations about critical theory. Discussion of texts spanning critical theory, political theory, social theory, and philosophy. Interviews and discussions with activists, artists, and academics whose “disobedient” work builds upon the themes of that arise in the texts we discuss and in our ongoing podcast conversations.

In Our Time
Each programme features a discussion with top academics and host Melvin Bragg on specific historical, philosophical, religious, cultural or scientific topics.

Cultures of Energy podcast
The Cultures of Energy podcast invites scholars, artists and activists to discuss the pressing energy and environmental issues of our times.

Stuart Hall: In Conversations
Explore the life, work and legacy of a thinker that some call the last of the great public intellectuals and a figure widely credited with being the founder of cultural studies: this man is Stuart Hall. Through conversations with his former students, colleagues, and friends, we'll seek to better understand this seminal writer and academic.

Big Ideas - The Guardian
Every month, a group of academics, columnists and philosophers dissect a phrase that's become an intellectual cliché in order to analyse its true meaning

Indigefi - Native Artist Podcast
The Native Artist podcast takes a deep dive into the stories of Indigenous artists, spanning a wide range of artistic disciplines. From directors and writers to carvers and fashion designers, artists share their unique stories and perspectives on navigating these fields while reclaiming native identity.

The Henceforth
Our podcast began as part of a graduate course called Decolonization, Settler Colonialism and Antiblackness taught by Eve Tuck at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at The University of Toronto. The intention of the course, and the podcast, is to examine settler colonialism and antiblackness as entwined historical and contemporary social structures.

tis in Space
Métis In Space hilariously deconstructs the science fiction genre through a decolonial lense. Join hosts Molly Swain & Chelsea Vowel as they drink a bottle of (red) wine, and from a tipsy, decolonial perspective, review a sci-fi movie or television episode featuring Indigenous Peoples, tropes & themes.

Intersectionality Matters!
Intersectionality Matters! is a podcast hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory.

Tackles the subject of race head-on. We explore how it impacts every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between.

Contemporary Art podcasts

SF MoMA – Raw Materials 
Raw Material is an arts and culture podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

Arts Curious 
Exploring the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful in Art History. 

Momus: The Podcast 
“Criticism in conversation” on a variety of timely issues relating to contemporary art and the present moment. 

MoMA – Abbi Jacobsen “Piece of Work” series

Hyperallergic podcast
Hyperallergic is a forum for serious, playful, and radical thinking about art in the world today.

The Art Newspaper Podcast
Our podcasts, both hosted by Ben Luke, take a deep dive into the art world. On The Week in Art—sponsored by Christie's—The Art Newspaper team picks apart the week's big stories with the help of special guests. The series A brush with… features exclusive conversations with leading artists, exploring their work and life through their cultural experiences.

Artnet - The Art Angle
A weekly podcast that brings the biggest stories in the art world down to earth.

Conversation Art Podcast
The Conversation Art Podcast explores the contemporary art world through conversations with a range of participants from the center to the fringes and back again.

Modern Art Notes  
Each week, artists, art historians and authors join host Tyler Green to discuss their work 

WYBCX Yale Radio – Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies 
Interviews with curators, academics, artists, etc. 

Talk Art 
Dedicated to the world of art, featuring interviews with artists, curators, and others. 

Podcast on aboriginal art in Australia 

Art Talk - KCRW 
Art reviews from art critics Edward Goldman and Hunter Drohojowska-Philp. 

David Zwirner – Dialogues
What we talk about when we talk about art. Each episode pairs two exceptional makers and thinkers discussing how art shapes, elevates, and shifts our point of view—and the surprising twists and turns of the creative process.

Art Monthly Magazine’s podcast

Art Matters Podcast – Art UK

Art History and theory podcasts

The Lonely Palette
The podcast that returns art history to the masses, one object at a time.

Portraits (Smithsonian)
The PORTRAITS podcast allows us to go beyond the frame and unpack the important stories that humanize the faces within our collection​​​​​​​.

The Renaissance 
Podcast about Renaissance Art with Dennis Byrd 

National Gallery of Art
Access to special Gallery talks by well-known artists, authors, curators, and historians. 

Museum Archipelago
Taking a broad definition of museums, host Ian Elsner brings you to different museum spaces around the world, dives deep into institutional problems, and introduces you to the people working to fix them.

Art Detective
Understanding art allows us to understand history: to pin it with images, and pepper it with the faces, colours, drama and expression of its time. This series is designed to give bite-sized insights into the world of Art History, bringing one image to life across 20 minutes through discussion with experts.

Getty – Recording Artists
Podcast based on interviews drawn from the Getty Research Institute archives

Art History for All
Art History for All is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of visual art by discussing how art from throughout human history is relevant to us right now.

Finding Van Gogh
The last great portrait by Vincent van Gogh disappeared from the public eye three decades ago. The podcast series FINDING VAN GOGH traces the painting’s eventful history – to get to the bottom of the question: where is the masterpiece now?

Sculpting Lives  
Each 45-minute episode takes a woman sculptor as its subject, exploring the art works, networks, connections and relationships of these artists. 

Bow Down – Women in Art 

State of the Arts
A podcast that explores how art and its history shape our world today 

Meet me at the Museum (Art Fund)
The Art Fund podcast features well-known faces taking someone they love to a favourite museum or gallery, to explore what's on offer, have a chat about what they find, and generally muse on life. 


McGill Library - Online Video and Film
Use this guide to find sources for streaming videos and films, including concerts, operas, masterclasses, documentaries, and more.

National Film Board of Canada
Films on this site can be streamed free of charge. Our Collection includes documentaries, animations, experimental films, fiction and interactive works. We showcase films that take a stand on issues of global importance that matter to Canadians—stories about the environment, human rights, international conflict, the arts and more.

Royal Academy of Arts Videos 
From artist interviews to curator-led tours of our exhibitions. 

Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art
Archive of performance videos at Tate Gallery. 

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