Magic: Between Embodiment and Ontology

Media @ McGill continues its co-sponsorship of the AHCS Graduate Symposium, now renamed as the Emerging Scholars symposium and combined with the AHCS Faculty Symposium.

“The act of magic, via the measured repetition of the ritual, reveals the ordinary object as extraordinary and impacts its meaning within the objective fabric of reality. Paradoxically, in magic, the object speaks of both familiarity and otherness, revitalizing manʼs awareness of the uniqueness of his surroundings, but also pointing out the continuity between the human subject and the phenomenal object.” [Emphasis ours] ---Aga Skrodzka Magic Realist Cinema in East Central Europe (2014)

The Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University is pleased to announce this year's Faculty and Emerging Scholars symposium, “Magic: Between Embodiment and Ontology.” The two-day interdisciplinary symposium will be held at McGill University on February 19th-20th, 2016. Graduate students at the M.A. or Ph.D. level from all disciplines in addition to artists, curators, and professors are invited to submit abstracts for presentations of twenty-five minutes. Participation in the conference provides an opportunity to present original scholarly research, and benefit from engaged discussions as well as valuable responses to papers.

The aim of this symposium is to examine the ways in which magic, in any incarnation, is used as both a transformative element to inspire civil action as well a communicative channel for intersubjective relations. The symposium seeks to trace magicʼs communicative capacities through material culture.

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