Common Aliens: inaugural conference organized by Celadon

Media@McGill is one of the co-sponsors of the inaugural Common Aliens: Diaspora Conference 2015 / Étrangers communs: conférence sur la diaspora 2015, run through Atelier Céladon, a community-based studio that supports pilot and ongoing visual projects by young creators.

Starting on October 1, 5 p.m. with a keynote panel given by Alice Ming Wai Jim (Concordia University), Cheryl Sim (DHC Art), Sharrae Lyon (Alien Nation Project), and Haema Sivanesan (Art Gallery of Greater Victoria), "Common Aliens" offers a full weekend of events, workshops, panels and a concurrent exhibition.

The conference seeks to bring together artistic practitioners to explore and create a contemporary understanding of a people of colour diasporic way of being in Montreal.

See the full programming here:


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