Biohackers - Alessandro Delfanti - Book Launch

Ferrier 230
McGill University
840 Dr. Penfield

Media@McGill organizes a book launch of Biohackers: The Politics of Open Science, the first book published by Alessandro Delfanti, the inaugural Media@McGill Postdoctoral Fellow for 2013-2014.

Since arriving in Montreal in August, 2013, Dr. Alessandro Delfanti has been actively involved in Media@McGill-organized events (The Participatory Condition colloquium, Participatory Medicine panel discussion), as well as in the Department of Art History and Communications Studies (Spaces of Hacking conference, seminar on Online Cooperation).

Biohackers explores fundamental changes occurring in the circulation and ownership of scientific information. Alessandro Delfanti argues that the combination of the ethos of 20th century science, the hacker movement and the free software movement is producing an open science culture which redefines the relationship between researchers, scientific institutions and commercial companies. Biohackers looks at the emergence of the citizen biology community ‘DIYbio’, the shift to open access by the American biologist Craig Venter and the rebellion of the Italian virologist Ilaria Capua against WHO data-sharing policies. Delfanti argues that these biologists and many others are involved in a transformation of both life sciences and information systems, using open access tools and claiming independence from both academic and corporate institutions.

Alessandro Delfanti has taught Sociology of New Media at the University of Milan and is a member of the ICS group at SISSA, in Trieste. Dr. Delfanti is a journalist who writes about science and digital culture on several Italian newspapers and magazines.


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