2020 Program - Law Actually: Intimacy and Trust

Law Actually: Intimacy and Trust

24-26 September 2020

Registration to EACH PANEL is required to participate. Click on the highlighted link below each panel title to register. You will immediately receive the link to the Zoom meeting by email. The places are limited. Members of the audience are highly encouraged to take part in the discussions following the presentations.

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Cette conférence de trois jours se déroulera du jeudi 24 septembre au samedi 26 septembre 2020.

Il faut s'inscrire à CHAQUE PANEL pour y participer. Cliquez sur les liens en surbrillance sous chaque activité qui vous intéresse pour vous y inscrire. Vous recevrez immédiatement le lien Zoom pour la rencontre par courriel. Les places sont limitées. L’auditoire est fortement encouragé à participer à la discussion suite aux présentations.

>> Téléchargez les résumés et articles [.pdf]

Day 1 / Jour 1 – 24/09/2020

09:00 Introduction

  • Prof. Robert Leckey (Dean, McGill U, Faculty of Law)
  • Prof. Andrea Bjorklund (Associate Dean (Graduate Studies), McGill U, Faculty of Law)

09:15 Panel 1: Searching for Empathy in Law / Retrouver l'empathie en droit

Panel 1 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEvcu2pqjssHdLEwbnmXqMiuVn4s53MJ8gU

Moderator / Modératrice: Anne Iavaronne-Turcotte (McGill U)

  • Sensitivity and Emotions in Sexual Offences: Revisiting the Evidences and Process of Criminal Justice System under Adversarial SystemMeera Mathew & Monika Diwakar (Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA)
  • Inverse IntegrationYaron Covo (Columbia U)
  • The Temporality of Parental Determination: Bridging the Gap Between the Self and Legal Identification of Same-Sex Couples (A Case Study of Israel)Noy Naaman (U of Toronto)
  • State of betrayal: Individuals, identities and the constitutional vision under the South African ConstitutionJonathan Hunter-Parsonage (U of Bristol)

11:15 Break / Pause

11:30 Keynote Speaker / Conférencière d’honneur

Keynote registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqduitpzMoGt2SJnZ9NkTIVZz_guAwa4VN

Moderator / Modératrice: Prof. Nandini Ramanujam (McGill U)

  • “The No-State ‘Solution’: Palestine and the Question of Queer Theory”Prof. Jasbir K. Puar (Rutgers U)

12:30 Break / Pause

13:30 Panel 2: Me, Myself & I / Le sujet et son intimité

Panel 2 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUufu2rqDksGNP8rKfI3zOVjlSVvV-Sgl-g

Moderator / Modérateur: Prof. Omar Farahat (McGill U)

  • Am I worthy? The case of a white male law student who wants to research into minority rightsLuca Galli (McGill U)
  • Queerness and Harm Reduction ‘Underground’: Transgression and Creation of Legal Space in Queer-Friendly Social SpacesBradley Por (McGill U)
  • The Intimacy of Autobiographical Legal MethodologyGabriella Jamieson (McGill U)

15:00 Break / Pause

15:15 Panel 3: Families and Children / La juridiciarisation de la sphère familiale

Panel 3 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEtdeGgqTMrHNyBM4eJ5xMURkNLXdZMYEOj

Moderator / Modératrice: Prof. Shauna Van Praagh (McGill U)

  • A Family AffairEdit Frenyo (McGill U)
  • Inheritance ActuallyRaphael Rego Ribeiro (U Ottawa / U Federal do Oeste da Bahia)
  • La fragilisation du lien de confiance au sein de l’intervention sociale en protection de la jeunesse: Peut-on blâmer le droit ?Marilyn Coupienne (UQÀM)

17:30 End of day 1 / Fin de la journée 1

Day 2 / Jour 2 – 25/09/2020

08:30 Panel 4: Trusting the Law and Each Other / Une conceptualisation de la confiance en droit

Panel 4 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAkcOyrpj8sHta7oUim8h6l3YKBrx66kPn5

Moderator / Modératrice: Prof. Adelle Blackett (McGill U)

  • India's People Public-Private Partnership Model: Taking The Trust Leap and BeyondMalcolm Katrak (Jindal Global Law School)
  • The Fiduciary Principle in Indian Data Protection Law: Setting Context for an Emerging Data Protection Framework in IndiaSameer Avasarala
  • When Intimacy with Employers Becomes an Obstacle in the Emergence of Labor Complaints: Focus on Foreign Household Workers in TaiwanTseng, ChienHao (National Taipei U)

10:30 Break / Pause

10:45 Panel 5: Regulating Intimacy and Trust In Economic Relationships / Relations intimes et relations économiques: une régulation par le droit

Panel 5 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0qfuGqqjkoGNSbnJDJJu1NZI16h8b7R7kw

Moderator / Modératrice: Alexandra Pasca (McGill U)

  • Are Happy Families All Alike? A Turkish Perspective On Corporate Governance In Family FirmsSeda Palanduz (MEF U / Université Galatasaray)
  • The Corporation, Corporate Legal Rights and Privacy Law - The Question of the Legal Protection of Privacy in the Corporate ContextAnne-Claire Bernard-Tomasi (U of Westminster)
  • Blockchain Technology to Enhance Transparency and TrustZhizhen Yu (U of Edinburgh)

12:15 Break / Pause

13:30 Panel 6: Law and Relationships / La dimension sociale du droit

Panel 6 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwocu6hrT8sGdErmcZxYHrYPFem6PeM81Jw

Moderator / Modérateur: Prof. Lionel Smith (McGill U)

  • The Supreme Court of Canada in 2019: Dynamics of a Collegial CourtSandrine Ampleman-Tremblay & Camille Nadeau (McGill U)
  • Trust and (il)legality in the study of cycle-couriersMichael Thomas Kowalsky (UQÀM)
  • Why you shouldn't trust your landlord? Scottish Horror StoriesShona Warwick (U of Edinburgh)

14:50 Break / Pause

15:00 Panel 7: Trusting The State(s) / État(s): digne(s) de confiance ?

Panel 7 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIlfu6ppzMvGNdcVw9EHzsvG_D10x7G_yDT

Moderator / Modérateur: TBA

  • Building Public Trust in Tax Administration: The Silent Role of Policy-Based Legitimate Expectation in NigeriaOkanga Ogbu Okanga (Dalhousie U)
  • From Foes to Partners? The Changing Relationship between Government Purchasers and Private ContractorsAnastasia Konina (U de Montréal)
  • Towards a Constructivist Approach to Resolving Trade Disputes in AfricaOluwaseyi Sanni (Dalhousie U)
  • The doctrine of “objective good faith” and the building of trust between governments and taxpayersEduardo L. A. Campos (Minas Gerais Federal U)

17:00 End of day 2 / Fin de la journée 2

Day 3 / Jour 3 – 26/09/2020

09:00 Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Seminar on International Law (1st session) / Le séminaire en droit international du doyen Maxwell et Isle Cohen (1re session)

Session 1 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUrf-yupzgvGdEsHg8_z4lkUCjAXXNkoAZo

Moderator / Modérateur: Prof. René Provost (McGill U)

  • ‘Emotions’ in Refugee Status Determination: A case against the strict objectivity of lawMenaka I Lecamwasam (Independent Researcher) / Discussant: Amy Preston-Samson (McGill U)
  • The “Distinctive” Climate Law: Why, What, and How to Teach ItLing Chen (McGill U) / Discussant: Upasana Dasgupta (McGill U)

10:20 Break / Pause

10:40 Dean Maxwell and Isle Cohen Seminar on International Law (2nd session) / Le séminaire en droit international du doyen Maxwell et Isle Cohen (2e session)

Session 2 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYrfuioqTIiHd2GSrTHm_hrHMzoWVVA5zIU

  • L’émergence des intérêts étatiques en Arctique: d’un point de vue constructiviste de droitMonim Benaissa (U Ottawa) / Discussant: Laura BaronMendoza (McGill U)
  • Rethinking The Global Governance of Migrant Domestic Workers: A Heterodoxy Case of Informal Filipina Workers in ChinaYiran Zhang (Harvard U) / Discussant: David DesBaillets (UQÀM)

12:00 Break / Pause

13:00 Panel 8: What’s Law Got to Do with It? / Le droit et quoi d'autre?

Panel 8 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMpd-CrrDsqE9M50rUX5rItkAZ8YK41BtLR

Moderator / Modératrice: Prof. Johanne Poirier (McGill U)

  • Civil Disobedience Through the Eyes of Canadian JudgesSimon Bouthillier (McGill U)
  • Law’s Beauty: (Re)vitalising the Aesthetic Dimension of Legal DiscourseLucien Carrier (McGill U)
  • Life after Liberalism: Central Europe’s New Relationship with Illiberal DemocracyMirosław M. Sadowski (McGill U)

14:30 Break / Pause

15:30 Panel 9: Law in a Postcolonial Context / Décolonisation du droit ou décolonisation par le droit?

Panel 9 registration: zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwqf-igqj4jHN3aS8-PkvYCFr4Ma_jdRsPi

Moderator / Modératrice: Prof. Vrinda Narain (McGill U)

  • An Evaluation of Socioeconomic Rights of the Muslim Yoruba Woman of SouthWestern NigeriaTobiloba Awotoye (Lead City U)
  • Constructing the Female Identity: A Union of Law and Culture?Ekpedeme Edem (Carleton U)
  • Femmes en résistance face à l’extractivisme. Approches décoloniales et féministes de la rechercheMélisande Séguin (UQÀM)
  • Tricksters, Teachers, and Transformation Wesakechak’s Law and Justice as EqualityDavid Gill (U of Victoria)

17:30 Closing Remarks / Remarques finales

17:45 End of day 3 / Fin de la journée 3

Thank you et merci!

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