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Some students experience disability-related barriers that impact their ability to take comprehensive notes while fully engaging in the classroom experience.

Note-sharing addresses those barriers. Notes provided through this service are a supplemental tool to compliment your own notes.

How Does it Work?

We recruit volunteer, peer note-sharers from your course. Note-sharers are recruited for lectures, but not labs or tutorials.

Volunteer note-sharers upload their notes weekly to ClockWork, where they can be retrieved by the student. This service begins after the course/add drop deadline.

You must submit your request for notes for each course at the beginning of every semester, using the “Note-Users (to GET notes)” module in ClockWork.

Register for Note-Sharing

  1. If an advisor has confirmed your eligibility for note-sharing: At the beginning of each semester, you must register for each course you would like notes for, via the "Note-Users (to GET notes)" module in ClockWork. The earlier, the better!
  2. We'll send an email to your class asking for a volunteer. Once you have been matched with a note-provider it will be noted in the Note-Users (to GET notes) module. You will receive an email confirmation each time your note-provider uploads new notes. We can't guarantee finding a note-taker in each course.

How to Access Notes

View your notes through the Note-User (to GET notes) module, once you have been matched with a note-provider.

We encourage you to reach out to our Note-Taking Administrator at access.notes [at] mcgill.ca ">access.notes [at] mcgill.ca if there are any concerns around the quantity, quality, or timeliness of notes. Please note that Peer Note-Sharing is a considered a supplemental academic support, and as such we cannot guarantee notes in each of your courses. We will always do out best to find you a note-provider, and to work with your note-provider should you have any concerns.

Notes received through the note-sharing program are intended for personal use only. Sharing these notes is in direct violation of Article 18(b) in the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures. Students who are found to be in violation of this Code will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students.

Check out our Note-Taking Strategies to boost your skills.

Become a Note-Provider

Our volunteers provide a valuable service to Student Accessibility and Achievement students. Your efforts will help to reduce barriers and increase positive outcomes for our students!

All volunteer note-sharers will receive credit on their co-curricular record (CCR), for 10 hours of volunteer service per course.  They are also eligible for a gift card worth $50, to be used on campus at either the Gym, Le James Bookstore or Food Services. 


We encourage all active McGill students to apply!

  1. Log into Clockwork and select the Note Provider (to GIVE notes) module.
  2. Create your note-taker profile, review and accept the note-taker agreement, and select the courses for which you want to provide notes
  3. Upload your sample notes for each course
    • You can upload sample notes from any course. If you are selected as the note-provider, the sample notes you uploaded will be visible to a student-user.

If you have been selected to be a note-provider, we'll contact you by email. Note-providers will need to select the courses they want to provide notes for at the beginning of each semester.

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