Instructors: Please note that we are no longer be accepting exams submitted to us via email. All tests and exams must be submitted through Clockwork’s Instructor Portal, or in-person at our Exam Center located at 3459 McTavish. Instructors at Mac Campus can bring exams to Centennial Center.

Questions? Contact our efstathia.konstantinopoulos [at] (Associate Director for Exams).

Exam Sign-Up

Sign-up at least 14 days before your exam (applies to all timed assessments)

A student meets with a team member from Student Accessibility and Achievement in their office, seated at a round table with a laptop.

Support for Students from Care

McGill offers a support program for students with experience in youth protection, aiming to address barriers during their university journey. The program promotes engagement and belonging through mentorship and connections to services and peers on campus and in the community. Our Student Access and Support Advisor supports students in navigating university life, connecting them to various resources on and off campus including:

  • Housing
  • Funding and finances
  • Mental and physical health
  • Career paths
  • Employment opportunities
  • Academic achievement and support
  • Campus engagement
  • Resources available on campus

Connect with Us

Students can book their Support for Students from Care appointment in Clockwork.

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to us at [at]

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