"If you’re thinking of doing blackface for Halloween, just don’t": Prof. Philip Howard contributes to The Conversation

Published: 26 October 2018

Professor Philip Howard, of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, has written an article for The Conversation titled "If you’re thinking of doing blackface for Halloween, just don’t". In the piece, published October 25th, Howard discusses the recent outcry regarding NBC host Megyn Kelly, who defended blackface on-air during the Today show.

"The 'humour' and allure of these costumes flow directly from investment in settler-colonial relationships," writes Prof. Howard in part. Click here to read the entire article.

Dr. Philip S.S. Howard is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Education at McGill University. His research interests are in the social formations, pedagogical processes, and epistemological frames that mediate the ways we come to know ourselves, create community, and exercise agency for social and racial justice in/through formal and informal.Professor Howard serves on the editorial board with the journal Whiteness and Education, is a Consulting Editor with the Canadian Journal of Education, and belongs to the executive team of the Black Canadian Studies Association. He recently led the SSHRC-funded project "The Arts Against Postracialism: Strengthening Resistance Against Contemporary Canadian Blackface", a series of outreach events seeking to strengthen resistance against contemporary Canadian blackface.

[read " If you’re thinking of doing blackface for Halloween, just don’t" by Philip Howard, The Conversation, Oct 25 2018]

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