The Suburban - Brain power: Dr. Amir Raz on mind-body medicine


The common narrative of positive thinking claims there’s always reason to hope, since hope itself can heal. According to Dr. Amir Raz, it’s difficult to find data to support this — yet, there is data to support the strength of the power of suggestion. Understanding this difference is what will change the face of medical treatment.

Dr. Raz holds the Canada Research Chair in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, and heads both the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at McGill and the Clinical Neuroscience and Applied Cognition Laboratory at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research at the JGH.

As the head of the Raz Lab at McGill University, where its members explore various areas of psychological research, the former magician presented an informative lecture on the use of mind-body medicine June 2 at the Gelber Conference Centre.