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Meetings from the 2010s

A brief list of meetings, speakers, and topics since 2010.

No. 148

25 January 2010

"McGill University and Sigma Xi - Companions in Zealous Research"

Professor M.A. Whitehead

Joint meeting with the McGill-Montreal Chapter of Sigma Xi

No. 149

26 April 2010

"How Do We Think About Religion in the University? The McGill Experience"

Professor Ellen B. Aitken

No. 150

4 October 2010

"Chronicling McGill's History: What Comes Next?"

Professor Peter F. McNally

No. 151

8 November 2010

"McGill Remembers: The McGill University War Records"; Presidential Address

Mr. Gordon Burr

Mr. François Dansereau

No. 152

28 February 2011

"Denis Stevens and Helmut Blume - the Battle for McGill's Faculty of Music, 1956-57"

Professor Paul Helmer

No. 153

9 May 2011

“The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars”

Doctor Victoria Kaspi

No. 154

3 October 2011

“From Bloomers to Body Mass Index: One-Hundred Years of Physical Education at McGill”

Dr. Greg Reid

co-sponsored by the McGill Associates

No. 155

28 November 2011

Book Launch: "Sir William Osler: The Man and His Books"

co-sponsored by the Montreal Neuro History Project

No. 156

27 February 2012

“Builders, Benefactors and Scholars: McGill - 190 Years Young”

Professor Peter McNally

Mr. Chris Lyons

co-sponsored by the McGill Campus Community Committee

No. 157

30 April 2012

“McGill College: The Street, not the University”

Professor David Covo

No. 158

1 October 2012

"McGill university Health Centre: Past, Present and Future. Maysie MacSporran Annual Lecture"

Mr. Normand Rinfret

No. 159

26 November 2012

"The Evolution of McGill’s French Department: Le Département de langue et littérature françaises"

Professor Yvan Lamonde.

No. 160

18 February 2013

"Dr. Stanley Frost: 100th Birthday Celebrations"


No. 161

19 April 2013

"Hundred Year History of Pulp and Paper at McGill: 1913-2013."

Dr. Theo van de Ven

No. 162

7 October 2013

"Women and the Faces of Philanthrophy at McGill"

Susan Button

No. 163

25 November 2013

"McGill University and the Olympic Games"

Richard Pound

No. 164

25 November 2013

"McGill’s Faculty of Law & the Inception of University-based Legal Education in Canada"

John Hobbins

No. 165

29 April, 2014

"Sir Andrew Taylor: McGill's Late Great Victorian Architect"

Susan Wagg

No. 166

6 October, 2014

"McGill University and Quebec City, 1960-2002"

Peter McNally

No. 167

17 Novemeber, 2014

"How McGill Won the Great War"

Desmond Morton

No. 168

9 February, 2015

"Women in Science at McGill"

Ingrid Birker

No. 169

27 April, 2015

"Canada’s Archival Heritage, the University and You: an Archivist’s Perspective"

Theresa Rowat

No. 170

6 October, 2015

"A Conversation with Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier"

Suzanne Fortier

No. 171

16 November 2015

"Hockey Sticks, Outdoor Rinks and Climate Change"

Lawrence Mysak

No. 172

15 Februrary, 2016

"Royal Victoria Hospital: Heritage and Healing"

Jonathan L. Meakins

No. 173

18 April, 2016

"Sibling Rivalry: McGill’s Faculties under three Principals 1970-2002"

Peter F. McNally

No. 174

26 September, 2016

"An Ocean of Noise: H. E. Reilley, and the Fight against Noise in Montreal"

Jarrett Rudy