Meetings from the 1980s

A brief list of meetings, speakers, and topics of the 1980s.

No. 20

14 February 1980

"The McGill Architecture of Percy Erskine Nobbs"

Mrs. Susan Wagg


"Arthur Eustace Morgan, The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time"

Miss Eleni Bakopanos

No. 21

17 April 1980

The Chancellor and McGill-Queen's University Press invited the members to a reception to mark the appearance of McGill University: For the Advancement of Learning, Vol. I, 1801-1895

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 22

4 June 1980

"Leacock and the Ladies of R.V.C."

Dr. Margaret Gillett

No. 23

2 October 1980

"Cyril James as I Knew Him"

Mr. Colin McDougall

No. 24

27 November 1980

"Those Were the Days: A Study of Student Revolt, 1965-1970"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 25

5 February 1981

"McGill and the Media"

Mr. Andrew Allen

No. 26

2 April 1981

"The History of the History Department"

Dr. Michael Maxwell

No. 27

3 June 1981

"Seven Years of Plenty"

Dr. Donna Runnalls

No. 28

18 September 1981

"Law at McGill: The Past and the Present"

Principal David Johnston

No. 29

1 October 1981

The McGill Alumnae Society, Eden Press Women's Publications and the James McGill Society joined in a reception to celebrate the publication of We Walked Very Warily: A History of Women at McGill

Dr. Margaret Gillett

No. 30

10 December 1981

"McGill at Play: A History of Sport at McGill"

Mr. Tom Thompson

No. 31

11 February 1982

"The Many Careers of Henry Marshal Tory"

Dr. Walter Hitschfeld

No. 32

22 April 1982

"Portrait of a Country: The Artistry of William Notman"

Mr. Stanley Triggs

No. 33

18 May 1982

"Bellairs and Barbados"

Mr. Graham Gooding

No. 34

14 September 1982

"Dawson, the Man behind the Myth"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 35

29 November 1982

"The Rare Book Room and its Treasures"

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis

No. 36

27 January 1983

"McGill University and the Montreal Veterinary College"

Dr. Philip Teigen

No. 37

26 April 1983

"Three Radar Echoes of McGill"

Dr. Robert Bell

No. 38

6 October 1983

"Where have all the flowers gone? The Evolution of the Study of Plants at McGill"

Dr. Gordon Maclachlan

No. 40

26 January 1984

"John Grierson: Filmmaker, Artist and Much More"

Dr. Hans Moller

No. 41

5 April 1984

"McGill in the North"

Dr. Maxwell Dunbar

No. 42

10 May 1984

A reception hosted by the Principal and the McGill-Queen's University Press to celebrate the launching of McGill University: For the Advancement of Learning vol. II, 1895-1971

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 43

7 September 1984

Book launching of A Fair Shake, Autobiographical Essays by McGill Women

Dr. Margaret Gillett & Professor Kay Sibbald

No. 44

4 October 1984

"McGill and Its Museums"

Dr. Alice Johannsen

No. 45

29 November 1984

"Curiouser and couriouser: The Brain of the Lobster"

Dr. Valerie Pasztor

No. 46

31 January 1985

"The Joyce Hemlow - Fanny Burney Story"

Professor Lars Troide

No. 47

21 March 1985

"Between the Crosses: Canadian General Hospital No. 3 (McGill)"

Dr. Faith Wallis and Mr. Brian Owens

No. 48

23 May 1985

"The Idea of Nature in Some French Romantic Authors"

Dr. Gabrielle Pascal-Smith

No. 49

31 October 1985

"The Cyril James We Did Not Know"

Dr. Stanley Frost, Presidential Address

No. 50

12 December 1985

" 'Willie: A Dream' A dramatic monologue portraying Sir William Osler"

Dr. Joseph W. Lella

No. 51

26 February 1986

"Three Questionable Men who built the McGill Libraries: Gould, Lomer and Pennington"

Professor Peter McNally

No. 52

6 May 1986

"The Return of the Peregrine Falcon to Eastern Canada: The Role of McGill University"

Professor David M. Bird

No. 53

6 October 1986

"A Founder of McGill: Sir William Dawson"

Professor Susan Sheets-Pyenson

No. 54

26 November 1986

"New Directions at Old McGill: Reminiscences of Student Life in the 1960's"

Professor Julius Grey

No. 55

5 March 1987

"What Does the Donner Do?"

Dr. Deirdre Edward

No. 56

7 May 1987

"The Enigma of Peterley"

Professor Peter McNally


"The Unprincipled Principal: a delayed tribute to John Bethune"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 57

6 October 1987

"R. Tait McKenize: Athlete, Physical Educator, Physician and Sculptor"

Professor A.E. Wall

No. 58

24 November 1987

"The Founding of M.A.U.T. and its role in the Founding of C.A.U.T"

Dr. James Mallory

No. 59

7 March 1988

The Canada-Australia Connection

"Sir Joseph Banks: The Global Naturalist"

Ms. Eleanor MacLean


"The Bicentenary of Australia"

His Excellency, Robert Stephen Laurie, Australian High Commissioner to Canada

No. 60

25 April 1988

"The Three Bares and all that - the story of the Visual Arts Collection at McGill"

Prof. David Farley

No. 61

3 October 1988

"Psychiatric Hubris: Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Allan Memorial Institute"

Mr. Don Gillmor

No. 62

28 November 1988

"Precarious Freedom: The Social Sciences at McGill, 1918-1939"

Professor Marlene Shore

No. 63

16 January 1989

"McCord Museum: Montreal's Best Kept Secret Unmasked"

Mr. David Lank

No. 64

13 March 1989

"McGill, Geology, and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation in Victorian Canada"

Professor Suzanne Zeller

No. 65

8 May 1989

" 'No Fool She' . . . the Life of Carrie M. Derick (B.A. 1890)"

Dr. Margaret Gillett, Presidential Address

Jointly with the McGill Alumnae Society

No. 66

2 October 1989

"Cyril James - The Principal Years"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 66A

5 November 1989

Choral Evensong

Sponsored by the Society to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Christ Church Cathedral congregation

No. 67

13 November 1989

"Hugh MacLennan: The Author and his Work"

Dr. Elspeth Cameron