Meetings from the 1970s

A brief list of meetings, speakers, and topics of the 1970s.

No. 1

23 October 1975

"The Young Mr. Rutherford"

Principal Robert Bell


"The Macdonald Physics Building"

Professor John Bland

No. 2

2 December 1975

"James McGill Reconsidered"

Dr. Stanley Frost


"The Early Years of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning"

Dr. Réal Boulianne

No. 3

4 March 1976

"Sir William Macdonald and McGill University"

Dr. Edgar Andrew Collard

No. 4

4 May 1976

"The Early Years of the Faculty of Agriculture"

Dr. Harold Steppler


"Education through the Macdonald Years"

Dr. Wayne Hall

No. 5

6 October 1976

"How Science Came to McGill"

Dr. Robert V.V. Nicholls

No. 6

1 December 1976

"Early Days of the Faculty of Medicine"

Dr. Edward H. Bensley

No. 7

7 March 1977

"The Abbott Family"

Dr. Stanley Frost


"Maude Abbott, The Beneficent Tornado"

Dr. Margaret Gillett

No. 8

17 May 1977

"The McGill Herbarium and the Lyman Entomological Museum"

Dr. D. Keith McKevan

No. 9

6 October 1977

"The McGill University Archives"

Mr. John Andreassen

No. 10

1 December 1977

"The Students' Society of McGill"

Mr. Lorne Gales


"The McGill Songbook"

Dr. Faith Wallis

No. 11

2 February 1978

"Sociology at McGill, A Personal View"

Dr. David Solomon


"A Century of Meteorology at McGill"

Dr. Svenn Orvig

No. 12

13 April 1978

"The History of the Department of Chemistry"

Dr. Leo Yaffe

No. 13

10 October 1978

"Ten Years After"

Dr. H. Rocke Robertson, Former Principal

No. 14

7 December 1978

"The History of the Faculty of Music"

Dr. Stanley Frost


"Brahms Pianoforte Selection"

Professor Helmut Blume

No. 15

8 February 1979

"The Department of Geography"

Dr. Brian Bird

No. 16

22 March 1979

"A Portrait of Penfield"

Dr. William Feindel

No. 17

19 June 1979

"Tea on the Redpath Library Terrace"

An open-air gathering to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University's acquisition of the McGill campus and the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine.

No. 18

14 October 1979

"Sir William Osler and the Osler Library"

Dr. Edward H. Bensley

No. 19

6 December 1979

"McGill's Own Wonders of the Deep"

Dr. Max Dunbar