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Meetings from the 1990s

A brief list of meetings, speakers, and topics of the 1990s.

No. 68

22 January 1990

"Ivor Gouzenko: Wartime Research on Explosives at McGill and the Gouzenko Affair"

Dr. Jack Edward

No. 69

7 May 1990

"The Poet and the Academy: the Case of Louis Dudek"

Professor Brian Trehearne

No. 71

19 November 1990

"A Spotlight on Islam: McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies"

Professor Charles Adams

No. 71A

25 January 1991

"The Penfield Centennial Celebration"

Dr. William Feindel, Ms. Kate Williams, and Dr. Stanley Frost among the participants.

No. 72

25 February 1991

"McGill and Montreal Riot of 1900"

Dr. Carman Miller, Presidential Address

No. 73

25 March 1991

"A Collection of Dictionaries"

Former Principal H. Rocke Robertson

No. 74

30 September 1991

"Committed to an Institution: Writers at McGill"

Mr. Bruce Whiteman, Rare Book Librarian

No. 75

4 November 1991

"The McGill Law School and the Origins of Canadian Legal Culture"

Professor G. Blaine Baker

No. 76

3 February 1992

"W.W. Francis: Showman, and Scholar of the Osler Library"

Dr. Faith Wallis

No. 77

6 April 1992

"The Last Twenty Years and the Next: McGill Approaches the third Millennium"

Principal David Johnston

No. 78

14 September 1992

"Sir William Peterson's Significance to the Evolution of McGill University"

Professor Peter F. McNally


"Peterson's Dundee"

Mrs. Joan Auld, Archivist of Dundee University

No. 79

16 November 1992

"An Art Collection for McGill: The A. Sidney Dawes Collection"

Mrs. Norma Morgan, Curator, Visual Arts Collection

No. 80

1 February 1993

"From Self Portraits to the Weather: Personal Diaries in the McGill University Archives"

Dr. Robert H. Michel, Presidential Address

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No. 81

19 April 1993

"If we only had it now: McGill's former land holdings"

Professor Derek Drummond

No. 82

12 October 1993

"The Redpath Historical Collection: Munificent, Wise, and Thoughtful Gifts"

Mr. Allan Bell

No. 83

29 November 1993

"Sir William Logan, the Redpath Museum and the Geological Survey of Canada"

Dr. Louise Stevenson

No. 84

28 February 1994

"Science at McGill: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

Professor M.A. Whitehead, Presidential Address

No. 85

25 April 1994

"McGill's Buildings: Then and Now"

Mr. G. Sam Kingdon

No. 86

6 October 1994

"A Great Canadian: James McGill of Montreal: The 250th Anniversary, 1764-1996"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 87

5 December 1994

"Royal Victoria Hospital: The First Hundred Years"

Dr. Martin Entin

No. 88

6 February 1995

"Studying Us - The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada"

Professor Desmond Morton

No. 89

1 May 1995

"CHEMS, Crucibles, Atoms and Diatoms"

Professor Mark Andrew, jointly with the McGill Chapter, Sigma Xi Society

No. 89A

21 September 1995

Conjointly with the McGill-Queen's University Press and the Office of the Vice-Principal (Development & Alumni Relations) - publication of James McGill of Montreal

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 90

2 October 1995

"Two First Years, 1952 and 1994"

Principal Bernard J. Shapiro

No. 91

4 December 1995

"The Making of 'Our Own Agendas' "

Professors Margaret Gillett and Ann Beer, Co-editors

No. 92

5 February 1996

"Sesqui to One-Seventy-Fifth: My Twenty-Five Year Odyssey"

Mr. David Bourke, University Secretary-General

No. 93

29 April 1996

"McGill on the Landscape of Canadian Higher Education: Historical Reflections"

Professor Paul Axelrod, York University, Toronto, Jointly with the Institute for the Study of Canada, to help celebrate McGill's 175th Anniversary.

No. 94

9 October 1996

"The William Macdonald Enigma"

Dr. Stanley Frost and Dr. Robert Michel

No. 95

2 December 1996

"Sir Arthur Currie: Leadership in Action"

Professor A.E. Wall, Dean, Faculty of Education

No. 96

3 February 1997

"Here be Giants: John Humphrey's Early Life"

Mr. John Hobbins

No. 97

28 April 1997

"Cast in Bronze: the Making of James McGill"

Professor David Covo

No. 98

6 October 1997

"Peter and Grace: The Story of the Redpaths"

Professor Peter McNally, Presidential Address

No. 99

10 November 1997

"The McCord Family: Their History and Museum"

Professor Brian Young

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No. 100

9 February 1998

"The First One-Hundred Meetings: The James McGill Society, 1975-1998"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 101

27 April 1998

"McGill's Nobel Laurate: Ernest Rutherford in Montreal, 1898-1907"

Dr. Montague Cohen, preceded by a tour of the Rutherford Museum

No. 102

6 October 1998

"Perspectives on Brain Imaging: the First 5,000 Years"

Dr. William Feindel, Presidential Address

No. 103

16 November 1998

"Modernism and Medicine: the Architectural Past and Future of Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital"

Professor Annmarie Adams

No. 104

1 February 1999

" "Teaching Farmers' Children on the Ground": Sir William Macdonald and Rural Schools in Quebec"

Dr. Anne Drummond

No. 105

10 May 1999

"A Century of R. V. C., 1899-1999"

Dr. Stanley Frost and Mrs. Florence Tracy

No. 106

4 October 1999

"150 years of Law at McGill, 1848-1998"

Professor G. Blaine Baker and Mr. Ian C. Pilarczyk

No. 107

22 November 1999

"J. W. McConnell, the Philanthropist Governor"

Dr. William Fong