Meetings from the 2000s

A brief list of meetings, speakers, and topics of the 2000s.

No. 108

24 January 2000

"Growing Pains: Mrs. Murray, Lady Minto, Mrs. Nordheimer, and the Early Years of the IODE"

Dr. Margaret Gillett

No. 109

2 May 2000

"Edward Black Greenshields: the McGill Connection"

Mr. Gordon Burr

No. 110

10 October 2000

"From Small Acorns to Large Oaks,' Strategies at McGill: 1829-1980"

Professor Henry Mintzberg, held in co-operation with the McGill Associates.

No. 111

14 November 2000

"Water: Gift, Commodity, Danger, or International Weapon?"

Professor Chandra Madramootoo

No. 112

26 February 2001

"Philanthropy at McGill, 1855-2000"

Mr. Thomas Thompson, Presidential Address

No. 113

15 May 2001

"Ladies, Scholars, and Benefactors: the First Maysie MacSporran Lecture"

Dr. Stanley Frost and Professor Peter McNally

No. 114

15 October 2001

"Soddy and Rutherford: a New Zealand Perspective"

Professor M. A. Whitehead, in cooperation with the McGill-Montreal Chapter of Sigma Xi

No. 115

27 November 2001

"The McGill Grow Home: the Spirit of Enterprise"

Professor Avi Friedman

No. 116

21 January 2002

"Trail Breakers: the Red Birds Ski Club, 1928-2002"

Mr. David Bourke

No. 117

29 April 2002

"McGill's Military Nurses: 1914-1918; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture"

Dr. Susan Mann

No. 118

7 October 2002

"Biochemistry at McGill: Endocrinology to Molecular Biology"

Dr. Rose Johnstone

No. 119

2 December 2002

"Respectable Burial: the Mount Royal Cemetery"

Professor Brian Young

No. 120

17 February 2003

"McGill as I Have Known Her"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 121

28 April 2003

"A Third Beginning at McGill"

Dr. Bernard Shapiro

No. 122

29 September 2003

"Expanding the Horizon: Five New Buildings at McGill"

Professor David Covo, Presidential Address

No. 123

24 November 2003

"Rutherford and Soddy: a McGill Centennial"

Mr. Lawrence Deck

No. 124

16 February 2004

"G & S at McGill: the Savoy Society Celebrates its 40th Birthday"

Professor M. A. Whitehead, Ms. Shannon Cohen, and the Savoy Society singers

No. 125

24 March 2004

"Looking at McGill: The First Year and Beyond; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture"

Professor Heather Munroe-Blum
Patron of the Society and Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University

No. 126

27 September 2004

"Physicist and Principal: Robert E. Bell, Thirteenth Principal and Vice-chancellor"

Professor Peter F. McNally

No. 127

15 November 2004

"History of the Biology Department"

Professor Valerie Pasztor

No. 128

17 February 2005

"Hamlet, Prince of Quebec"

Professor Leanore Lieblein

No. 129

2 May 2005

"The Secret Life of Things: Perspectives on Collecting at the McGill University Archives; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture and Presidential Address"

Ms. Johanne Pelletier

No. 130

20 September 2005

"A Commitment to Excellence: David L. Johnston, 14th Principal and Vice-Chancellor, 1979-1994"

Professor Peter McNally

No. 131

14 November 2005

"McGill, World War Two and the McGill Memorial Chapel"

Mr. Wes Cross and Professor Chris Milligan

No. 132

6 February 2006

"Going Up in Smoke; McGill and Tobacco"

Professor Jarrett Rudy

No. 133

24 April 2006

"Macdonald College: A Tale of Revolution and Evolution"; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture

Professor Deborah Buszard

No. 134

25 September 2006

"The Shapiro Years: Dr. Bernard Shapiro, 15th Principal and Vice-chancellor, 1994-2002"

Professor Peter McNally

No. 135

13 November 2006

"McGill and the Magna Carta of Mankind: the Discovery of the John Humphrey Draft”. Presidential Address

Mr. John Hobbins

No. 136

12 February 2007

"James McGill Revisited: Citizen and Philanthropist"

Dr. Stanley Frost

No. 137

23 April 2007

"The Living Endowment: 150 Years of Alumni Leadership"; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture

Ms. Honora A. Shaughnessy

No. 138

October 1 2007

"Eating: A Solution to the Confusion"

Dr. Joe Schwarcz

No. 139

19 November 2007

"Redpath Museum: Renovated & Renewed"

Ms. Ingrid Birker

No. 140

12 February 2008

"Rocke Robertson: Surgeon and Shepherd of Change"; the Annual Maysie MacSporran Lecture

Mr. Richard Pound

No. 141

31 March 2008

"The Redpath Mansion Mystery"

Professor Annmarie Adams, held in cooperation with Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

No. 142

6 October 2008

"Laying the Cornerstone: The Montreal Neurological Institute, October 6th, 1933"

Dr. David Colman, Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Dr. Desmond Morton, President of the James McGill Society

Professor Peter McNally, Executive-Secretary of the James McGill Society

Dr. William Feindel, Past President of the James McGill Society

Dr. Stanley Frost, Honorary President of the James McGill Society

The Canadian Grenadier Guards in attendance

No. 143

3 November 2008

"Canadian Officers' Training Corps and McGill University"

Dr. Desmond Morton

No. 144

9 February 2009

"McGill's Pantheon: Portraits in Redpath Hall"

Dr. Lily Koltun

No. 145

16 March 2009

"Donald Hebb of McGill and 20th Century Psychology"

Professor Richard E. Brown

No. 146

5 October 2009

"A Great Transformation: Computers and Automation at McGill, 1959-2009"

Professor Anthony C. Masi

No. 147

9 November 2009

"How McGill Bought the Dead Sea Scrolls"

Dr. Jacqueline Du Toit and Dr. Jason Kalman