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Student quotes

Let our students tell you exactly what they think of the FMT program!

About their stage away from home (FMTP 036 Enterprise Internship)...

"I stayed with some great people and I learned a lot. Overall a very good experience."

Terry Heinzle, St-Eugene, ON

"A great learning experience! Having never worked on a farm before, my hosts gave me the opportunity to touch all aspects of the farm."

Christopher Bakolias, Montreal, QC

"My stage was done with a dairy nutrition consulting company, so I had to do a lot of training. However, I learned so much that I will be able to use in school, upcoming jobs, and throughout my future."

Amanda Allen, Alfred, ON

"My stage was a great experience. If they didn't make me leave my home farm I probably never would have gotten out and seen different operations."

Chris Soesbergen, Dundee, QC

About their stage on the home farm (FMTP 037 Entrepreneurship 1) ...

"The stage this summer was a good experience because I came back to the farm with a new outlook. With the new tools that I acquired at school, I was able to be a bigger part of the management team and I realised how important it is to have management skills."

Eric Breault, Clarenceville, QC

"For me this summer stage was a very good experience. I was working on the home-farm full time for the first time. It's good to know what we do at home and be able to apply what we have learned up to now. Now I can defend my opinion better with the information I got from school. I am more than just a student which is great!"

Amélie Lemire, St-Zéphirin-de-Couval, QC

"I learned more about what it takes to run the whole farm operation and not just simple jobs."

Dominic Iachetta-Sklivas, Rawdon, QC