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How to apply

***APRIL 29th, 2014: Due to a higher than normal volume of applications already this year, we are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2014 term for the FMT program. For more information please call us. We strongly recommend that students apply in January or February to be considered for the following semester.

Applications for the FMT program are submitted using McGill University's online APPLICATION FORM.

Students interested in applying after August 1st must contact the FMT department for application instructions.


There is no official application deadline. Quebec students can apply through SRAM, whose deadline is March 1. The McGill application remains open after this date until the maximum number of offers has been reached.

Keep in mind that after you apply, we must receive all of your supporting documents before we can reach a decision on your application.

In order to have enough time to obtain the necessary travel documents, International students are advised to apply before January 15.

Need help applying?

See the Step-by-Step Guide to Applying to McGill Online[.pdf]

What you will need:

  • Information on all your transcripts (complete record from High School up to date)
  • Quebec Permanent Code (if you have studied at any level in Quebec)
  • A credit card is required to complete the online application form. Visa, Mastercard or American Express are accepted.

If you find you are missing information, you may stop at any time and return to your application by re-entering your Login ID and PIN.

Useful tips for your application:

  • You will have to create an ID and a PIN for yourself. Follow the instructions.
  • Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • If you make a mistake, the system will tell you after you hit “continue”. You will not be allowed to move to the next page until you correct the mistake.
  • Application Type - For this Farm Management and Technology (FMT) program, select “Undergraduate / Professional”
  • Term selection - FMT only accepts applications for the Fall semester.
  • Program Selection - Select the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Select the Diploma in Farm Management and Technology as Program
  • The email address you provide us is very important because we will use it to contact you upon the reception of your application
  • Test taken - no tests are required to be taken for the FMT program but we expect you to be able to communicate and to write in English

Incorrect information on your application?

If you realize that there is a mistake on your application after you’ve submitted it, contact the general admission office by email (admissions [at] mcgill [dot] ca).

If you need more help with your application, please contact the FMT liaison officer at 514-398-7818 or fmt [dot] macdonald [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)