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List of courses by semester and year

Year 1



FMT4 - 001     Fall Stage

FMT4 - 002     Soil Tillage

FMT4 - 003     Information Management

FMT4 - 004     Animal Physiology and Anatomy 

FMT4 - 005     Introduction to Plant Science

FMT4 - 006     Pesticides and the Environment

FMTP - 090     Physical Activity and Health

FMTP - 080     English Upgrading

FMT4 - 007     Health and Safety

FMT4 - 008     Animal Genetics and Nutrition

FMT4 - 009     Soil Fertility

FMT4 - 010     Winter Stage

FMT4 - 011     Farm Accounting

FMT4 - 012     Machinery Maintenance

FMTP - 077     Introduction to College English

Summer:   FMT4 - 013        152-VSN-MC     Agricultural Internship

Year 2



See below*     Elective Production

See below*     Elective Production

FMT4 - 014     Marketing Strategies

FMT4 - 015     Forest Management

FMTP - 075     Langue française et communication 

FMTP - 085     Humanities 1: Knowledge

FMTP - 082     Literary Genres

See below*      Elective Production

See below*      Elective Production

FMT4 - 016      Budgeting and Administration

FMT4 - 017      Agricultural Systems

FMTP - 098      Français agricole

FMTP - 091      Physical Activity and Effectiveness

FMTP - 083      Literary Themes

Summer:   FMT4 - 018        152-VSU-MC     Enterprise Management 1

Year 3



FMT4 - 019     Nutrient Management Plan

FMT4 - 020     Conservation of Soil and Water     

FMT4 - 021     Enterprise Management 2

FMT4 - 022     Equipment Management

FMTP - 086     Humanities 2: World Views

FMTP - 078     FMT English

FMTP - 097     Landscape Design**

FMT4 - 023     Building Management

FMT4 - 024     Farm Building Development

FMT4 - 025     Enterprise Management 3

FMT4 - 026     Human Resources

FMT4 - 027     Precision Agriculture                 

FMTP - 092     Physical Activity and Autonomy

FMTP - 087     Humanities 3: Environmental and Organizational Issues

FMTP - 074     The Science of Food

Elective Production Courses*

We offer four production courses in the area of Animal Science and four production courses in the area of Plant Science. Students must take a total of 4 of these courses, of which at least one must be from each area. Students usually take two courses per semester but may be allowed to take three if they meet the requirements and after a discussion with their academic advisor. ***To complete the Independent Study in Animal Production/Crop Production, students must have attained at least an 80% average in the previous production courses, and been certain requirements of their supervisory lecturer.


Animal Science Production Courses

FMT4 - 028        152-VTE-MC      Dairy Replacement Management (Fall)

FMT4 - 029        152-VTF-MC      Dairy Performance Management (Winter)

FMT4 - 030        152-VTG-MC      Swine and Poultry Management (Winter)

FMT4 - 031        152-VTH-MC      Beef and Sheep Management (Fall)

FMT4 - 032        152-VTJ-MC       Independent Study in Animal Production (Winter)***


Plant Science Production Courses

FMT4 - 033        152-VTK-MC      Vegetable and Fruit Crops (Fall)

FMT4 - 034        152-VTL-MC      Greenhouse Crop Production (Winter)

FMT4 - 035        152-VTM-MC     Field Crop Management 1 (Fall)

FMT4 - 036        152-VTN-MC      Field Crop Management 2 (Winter)

FMT4 - 037        152-VTP-MC       Independent Study in Crop Production (Winter)***


Complementary Courses**

Students must take two complementary courses to meet the program requirements. The Program offers the following:

Landscape Design (504-VSG-MC)

The Science of Food (365-VTQ-MC)

** After consultation with their academic advisor, students can substitute complementary courses taken at another collegial institution. The costs associated with courses taken elsewhere must be assumed by the students.



Comprehensive Assessment

The objective of this examination is to ensure that students have attained the objectives and standards for each competency in the program. Successful completion of the Comprehensive Assessment is mandatory to obtain the DEC.

The passing grade is 60%. The mark indicating that the student has successfully completed the Comprehensive Assessment will appear on the student's transcript.

The Enterprise Management 3 (FMT4 - 025) is the course that is the comprehensive assessment tool for the program. Previously known as the Farm Project.



Ministerial Examination of College English

All students who wish to graduate and obtain the DEC must pass the Ministerial Examination of College English (English Exit Exam) that is prepared and corrected by the Ministry of Education (MEES).

Students must take this examination on the dates selected by the Ministry of Education, dates are scheduled in May, August and December.

For more information or for the schedule of exams, please consult the Ministerial Examination of College English - Language of Instruction and Literature website for details.


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