Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative 3MT Competition

Published: 18Jan2017

All of the participants in the inaugural Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition are to be congratulated on a job well done! Finalists (left to right) include PhD...

When's the next Mac Campus shuttle?

Published: 3Jan2017

If you ride the inter-campus shuttle bus, you have to check out the Shuttle Bus Tracker. It's a mobile-friendly website that uses Google Maps to show the location and speed of each bus along its...

Domestic Students: Application Deadline for Fall 2017


Email gradstudies [dot] surgery [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Gradstudies )Surgery for more information! /experimentalsurgeryCategory: Important dates for students

Bacteria control levels of dangerous pollutant in seabirds

Published: 21Dec2016

Despite ongoing global pollution, researchers Kyle Elliott (Natural Resource Sciences) and John Elliott (Environment Canada) have discovered that levels of mercury in seabirds off the coast of B.C....

What training is needed for the next generation of water operators?

Published: 8Dec2016

In generations past, most water operators gained employment straight out of high school; however, these days, operators are required to have a strong foundation in science, engineering, and...

The CaPS Experiential Learning Program (ExL Program)

Published: 29Nov2016

Experiential Learning (EL) refers to the active process of learning by doing, in a mindful and intentional manner. According to the Association for Experiential Education, “Experiential Learning...

Winter 2017 last day of lectures for 2nd year Dentistry students.


Last day of lectures (including examinations) for 2nd year Dentistry students./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

Last day for NUTR 311, Stage in Dietetics 2B.


Last day for NUTR 311, Stage in Dietetics 2B./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

2017-2018 Registration period for all newly-admitted undergraduate students in...


Registration period for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 using Minerva for all newly-admitted undergraduate students, whose highest level of education prior to registering at McGill is high school, who...


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