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FAQ for MMF Admissions

  1. What is the length of the Masters of Management in Finance (MMF)?
    The full-time McGill MMF program is a 45-credit program that is completed over the course of one year.
  2. Is there an accelerated option in the MMF program for those who have prior background in finance?
    No, there is no accelerated option. However, we will look into it on case-by-case basis for students with prior education or professional experience in finance.
  3. What is unique about the McGill MMF Program?


For a FAQ on the MIM Program, please review the MIM_FAQ_2010.pdf


Am I eligible for the PhD program?

If you hold an undergraduate and a Masters degree, with a strong academic record from recognized universities, you are eligible to apply for PhD studies.


Professional MBA part-time program for working professionals

What is the length of the Desautels Professional MBA program?

The Professional MBA, a part-time program, is a 57 credit program that is completed over the course of 2 ½ years.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How many credits will I receive upon completion of the program? 

A:  Each course grants 3 credits or 6 ECTS credits to be approved by your home university.

Q: How are credits transferred to my home institution?
 Once grades are released you must request an official transcript to be sent to your home institution by going to www.mcgill.ca/students/records/transcripts.


What is the program itinerary?

The schedule is:
  • May 2: Classes start in Montreal (Monday through Friday)
  • May 14: Depart for Brazil
  • May 15: Arrive in Brazil (Sao Paulo)
  • May 16: Classes start at ESPM Brazil
  • May 21: Weekend in resort Ubatuba, Classes in Ubatuba
  • May 23: Classes begin in Rio de Janeiro
  • May 27: Program ends (noon)

How do I reserve a space?