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The Sustainability Initiative

Sustainability is a societal ideal and criterion for development which resembles other widely accepted but conceptually challenging human goals, such as justice and freedom. Because scientific understandings of how nature functions change over time, and because value judgments are involved, it is impossible to define precise conditions for sustainability once and for all. Nonetheless, it is possible to discern its general orientations, which include pursuing economic prosperity while living within the carrying capacity of ecosystems and achieving social equity.

All organizations from each of the private, public and pluralistic sectors have important roles to play, not the least of which is attending to the environmental impacts of their decisions and actively seeking to minimize harms or even improve ecosystem functioning.

Want to learn more about sustainability through green chemistry?

Meet the CREATE professors and students in green chemistry at McGill as they explain what they do and why they do it. This video was created by undergraduate student Vanessa Chazelle (Moores group), with funding from CREATE.