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Projects from winter 2014

Pour 3 Points

Pour 3 PointsPour 3 Points is an organization that aims to develop and transform athletic coaches into life coaches, in order to give them the necessary skills to teach and mentor high school aged athletes coming from unfavourable backgrounds. This in turn, gives the athletes a support network allowing them to not only succeed athletically, but also academically and in life. An MNFPC team worked with Pour 3 Points to build a business plan with the main goal of identifying and developing sustainable revenue sources, through marketing, event growth and operations.

Social Justice Connection

Social Justice ConnectionSocial Justice Connection (SJC) is an independent Canadian organization working to provide education and advocacy concerning global poverty and inequality. An MNFPC team worked with SJC to improve the profitability of its education workshops operations towards achieving a self-sustaining program.


Taking Roots

Taking RootTaking Root used to promote its activities through the sale of carbon offsets which, however, were not popular among the Montreal community. An MNFPC team conducted a study (via benchmarking and interviews) to assess the potential market size for Taking Root and recommended a new strategy tailored to the specific requirements of each potential target.


Projects from winter 2013

The Segal Centre

Segal CentreThe Segal Centre is a meeting place for the performing arts, and plays a leading role in the artistic development of Montreal’s youth and the creation of its cultural legacy. Because its mandate is to make culture accessible, it relies heavily on donations. An MNFPC team worked with the Segal Centre to identify opportunities for diversifying its revenue sources, with particular emphasis on changes to governance, structure and business model.

Santropol Roulant

Santropol RoulantSantropol Roulant is an organization dedicated to strengthening and nourishing its local community with an emphasis on active youth engagement, urban food systems, food security and community care. It was seeking opportunities to expand its current offerings within the limits of its operational capabilities and while preserving its core mission and values. An MNFPC team built a business plan for extending Santropol Roulant’s product line, and developed a marketing and operations plan for its rollout.

Projects from winter 2012

Robin Des Bois

Robin Des BoisA team worked with Robin des Bois, a not-for-profit restaurant that runs a program where employees work with volunteers to service the restaurant. All proceeds from the sale of meals are redistributed to charitable organizations that work in the community to overcome loneliness, social isolation and poverty. Restaurant management wanted to generate more profits through new initiatives and the team, after much research, drafted a comprehensive business plan outlining recommendations for new revenue streams complete with cost benefit analyses.

For more information about the organization, visit http://robindesbois.ca/fr


Another team worked with Ethik-BGC, a social economy project of FEM International, a not-for-profit organization that empowers women through socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship. Ethik’s core operation is a boutique which showcases the creations of more than 40 ethical clothing designers.  The team carried out intensive research and analysis to provide recommendations that would increase boutique revenues that  would benefit not only ethical clothing designers but also help fund other projects for FEM International. The final business plan was  presented to the board of FEM International.

Projects from previous years

Centre Philou

PhilouA team from Winter 2011 worked with Centre Philou, a Montreal based NGO that caters to physically disabled children. Centre Philou seeked to expand its current operations by providing a post-Botox physiotherapy service , which seems to be in shortage within the public health system. The team drafted a comprehensive business plan covering several aspects such as Marketing, Finance and potential sponsorship options. During the course of the work, the team carried out extensive research to come up with substantiate findings and presented a positive recommendation for the NGO's desired expansion.

For more information about the organization, visit http://www.centrephilou.com


YWCAThe second team from the Winter 2011 run of the program helped Montreal based YWCA, which is one of the largest and oldest women's organization in Montreal. The team carried out an intensive analysis to judge how the YWCA'S donation based merchandise boutique could be improved to benefit the association's working. A detailed business plan was presented to and discussed with the YWCA's director and associated officials.

For more information about the organization, visit http://www.ydesfemmesmtl.org

St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival A team of students worked with the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival to help them devise marketing and promotion strategies to attract a wider Francophone audience to their shows. In doing so, the team also undertook an assessment of the organization’s branding strategy, conducting primary and secondary research for their market and audience analysis. Based on their findings, the team presented the organization with an action plan to help them achieve their goals and targets.

For more information about the organization, visit www.montrealfringe.ca


EquiterreIn this case, the team worked with Equiterre, an NGO focused on community, equality and the environment, to help develop a Consulting Service branch to their operations (Service Conseil de Developpement Durable). The team presented Equiterre with a Business Plan consisting of the service offerings, operational plans and pricing strategy for the service. They also prepared guidelines to help the new branch with internal recruitment, knowledge management and project pricing.

For more information about that organization, visit http://www.equiterre.org/

A team of students worked with a not-for-profit legal clinic based in one of the Montreal communities to help them grow, sustain and expand their operations. After doing an internal, market and strategy analysis, the team presented the client a five-year strategy with supporting implementation and business plans to help them to fulfill their mission and provide a quality service.

This team worked for a Montreal not-for-profit organization which focuses on sustainable food and community projects, to help them come up with an ownership and financial plan for the construction of a new community center. The center would house community organizations, social economy businesses, and residents in need of affordable co-operative housing. In their work, the team did an extensive analysis of the community interests, building design, financing and project sustainability, and left the NGO with a flexible financial model to use in their project assessment.

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